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    Phone will not take update

      I've tried for a while now to get the new Andriod 4.0.4 and sense 4.1 update, but my when I hit "update now", my phone just restarts in ClockworkMod Recovery v5.8.3.1. The message at the bottom says:


      Finding update package...

      E: unkown volume for path [INTERNALSDCARD:Download/OTA_ville_u_ics_40_tmous_2.35.531.10-1.84.531.2_r2_release_29738201y4c62n7snoz9o4.zip]

      E: Can't mount INTERNALSDCARD: Download/OTA_Ville_u_ics40_s_tmous_2.35.351.10-1.84.531.2_r2_release_2978201y4c62n7snoz9o4.zip.

      Installation aborted.


      It happens every time....what do I do?

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          You need to restore the factory recovery software, then retry the update.

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            Correct. The update is only supported on devices with HTC software (no modified and flashed ROMs)

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              Okay. I'm not the most phone savy person. I took this to mean I should do a master reset. Since I did this, the phone did the exact same thing again when I tried to install the update, so I assume I'm supposd to do something else. I googled what you told me to do and I'm still not sure what exactly I'm supposed to do. Can you give me more instruction on how to do that?

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                Performing a master reset will not remove ClockworkMod or reload T-Mobile software; it will just reset it to default settings.


                Did you buy your phone from somebody other than T-Mobile? Or, did you have somebody work on your phone / install software? I ask because ClockworkMod (as well as all modified software) does not come from T-Mobile; it comes from guys on the internet, like:


                In short, your phone is "rooted". To make a really rough analogy, your phone is not designed to install official software, like how a PC that was modified to run Windows XP will no longer install Windows 8 updates (even if it had Windows 8 originally); it's not the same operating system anymore.


                T-Mobile can only provide support for software versions that HTC and T-Mobile have released.  The internet (like the XDA link I gave you above) may help you reload original software, but I personally am not able to.