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      You see a lots of negative review about calls hanging up and phone freezing up.  Yeah, that's frustrating at times, but there is a bigger issue. I've had this issue from about 7 month into using this new phone.  This was my first real smart phone so i was pretty amazed with what it can do, but the issue is my power button started getting faulty.  at first if you held it down pretty hard for couple seconds, it would turn on. now it's been 13 months, and the power button is pretty much dead.  The only time i can turn on the phone is when i plug the phone to charge it, so i would have to manually plug it into a usb charger (either wall or computer) in order for me to turn on the phone.  The other time is when someone texts you or call you, it will turn on.  You will also experience the same issue turning off the phone, naturally, which is not as big deal since it turns off after a while anyways.  My sister also bought the same phone at the same time as me, and she is also experiencing the same issue (not as sever as me, but then again i use my phone more than she does), so its not just my phone.  of course t-mobile wont do anything because you didn't decide to pay extra $7 or something everymonth for an insurance (which at the time you bought a phone you wouldn't think power button would go stupid). 


      I found an app on the google playstore that turns your screen on when you tilt it.  Its called awesome on off.  however, unfortunately, it appears this does not work on this particular phone, as accelerometer sensor appears to go off when the screen goes off.  My sister and I are on 20 month payment plan on this phone, so I guess we are stuck with this phone for another 7 month without power button working (or we can get a new phone, but keep paying for this piece of junk). 


      For those of you who are considering to buy this phone simply because its cheap, DON'T.  you get what you paid for, and certainly if I bought a better phone thats out there for double the price i paid for this junk, i probably wouldn't have had to get a new phone for more than 2 years... there are plenty of better phones out there...


      If there is anyone that knows a way out of this situation, please let me know.

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          You should have taken advantage of the warranty from either Tmo or LG. You might still qualify if you contact them directly.


          The power button is not faulty on this device. It very well may have been on yours though. If you had to depress it hard, that would simply exacerbate the problem until it either got fixed or got ruined. You ruined it instead of getting it fixed.

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            thats why when you search on web "turning on phone without power button" or something, you will see so many posts online for LG-E739 (at least i saw gazillion, and none had real solution on it).


            But after doing a lots of tests, I found a solution that works.  Having a solution, however, doesn't make this phone any better than what it is.  You will see a lot of negative reviews about this phone online.  My recomendation still does not change in recomending to buy a different phone.

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              I saw so many posts online with people that had same issue.  So I will post the best solution thus far I came across that actually work without paying ridiculous amount to fix it (for something that's probably not even your fault) or getting yourself a new phone.  If someone has better solution, please let me know.


              Here is what you can do:

              turn it on once by plugging into electronic output.  Go to googleplaystore.  down load an app called Gravity Screen Off.  This app will turn phone on when you take out of pocket.  Only issue with this app is that the phone will not turn off if you leave it on a table.  the screen will only turn off its 1) facing down (as in the power button point towards the floor) and 2) there is something very close to proximity sensor (next to your front camera).  So yeah, if you put away your phone in your pocket it will turn off.  if you take it out, it will turn on.  I had to go through so many apps to find this one, and was really happy i found this one, so i thought i'd share.

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                Thank you so much, this was soo helpful!