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pay as you go and Nexus 4

     Hi! I am a noobie in mobile. Please don't laugh at me when you look at my stupid questions. I am currently an ATT customer. I bought a LG Nexus 4 a few days ago. ATT requires me to buy a data plan when I use a smartphone. I look at ATT Website when I use gophone prepaid, I still need to buy a data plan for smartphone. I don't want to buy a data plan because most of the time I am at home and school. I can connect my smartphone to WIFI. I look at T Mobile Website. There is a Pay as you go for $ 100 for a year. It seems good for me. I have a few questions. 1, Do I force to buy a data plan for my LG Nexus 4 even I am at Pay As You go? 2. Do I need a new Mirco SIM card from T- Mobile to use Pay As You Go? 3, Can I switch my phone number from ATT to T- Mobile? 4. Can I keep a phone number for years if I am at prepaid situation? 5. Thanks for helping.

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    1) You're not required to have a data plan with T-Mobile if you purchase your phone outright (and prepaid plans buy your phone outright)


    2) You'll need a T-Mobile Micro SIM card.  You cannot use your AT&T one.  They come in kits and are free after rebate last I checked.


    3) Yes, you can have your number ported.  You may be responsible for a full month of service on AT&T's side and any potential ETF.  But you can.


    4) As long as you have an active account, you keep your number.  Remember, dollars expire after 90 days (1 year if you're GOLD; $100 = GOLD status).  As soon as your account goes to 0, you have some number of days (30? 90? 6 months? I don't know, honestly) to reactivate to get your number back


    5) You're welcome -- I hope I answered everything for you.