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Error code FFFFFE70

Everytime I try to log into my device is pops up this error code and says my phone isn't activated and tells me to call customer care. Is there any way that I can solve this issue on my own?

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    Hey Sugarcube,


    What I would do is reset the device with hardware keys.


    Master reset using hardware keys

    A master reset (factory reset) restores the original factory settings and erases all downloaded content, including ringtones, images, programs, and contacts stored in the internal memory. It does not erase data stored on the SIM card.


    Note: If the handset is locked, frozen, or unresponsive, you can perform a master reset using the hardware keys instead of the menu.


    To perform a hard reset, follow these steps:


    1. Back up all necessary data that is on the internal memory. 
    2. Turn off the phone. 
    3. Press the Power key to turn the phone on. 
    4. Immediately press and hold the Volume Down key. An exclaimation mark ("!") will appear on the display. 
    5. Press the Volume Up key. 
    6. Press the Volume Down key. 
    7. Press the Power key. 
    8. Press the Volume Down key. 
    9. The phone will automatically reset. 
      • During the reset, there will be two gears rotating on the display for up to 5 minutes, after which the display will go blank for about 30 seconds. 
      • Resetting the phone will erase all user data, including Nokia Maps. You will have to reinstall the Nokia Maps via Wi-Fi. 
      • To restore your phones settings, email accounts and apps, instruct the customer to use the “restore your phone” option during the start-up sequence.




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    Thank you so much! It worked

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    I had a similar issue where also my Wi-Fi and my app store was not working. I was going CRAZY trying to resolve this issue. Your recommendation worked PERFECTLY, thanks tmo_andrew_g!!!