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    FM  Radio Does Not Turn On - Help!

      Not every time, but at least once a day, I click on the FM radio, and the "app" opens up, but when I click on the PLAY triangle, it flashes for a moment, but does nothing!  I have to completely re-boot the phone - which takes 2-3 minutes -  to be able to turn the FM radio on!

      T-Mobile has had me completely reset the phone, and replaced the handset altogether...and they have had me call Huawei USA - All to no avail.  [Huawei USA tells me that the phone is designed and manufactured in Asia, and there's nothing they can do!]


      Since T-Mobile & Huawei won't take responsibility for this hardware/software defect, has anyone found a solution for this annoying problem?  [It's quite a good phone otherwise!!]

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          Do you have standard earphones/earbuds plugged into the top of the phone.  It needs the wires going to the earphones for an antenna.  Also if you're in a spot where an FM radio can't get a signal, it probably won't work there either.

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            Of course, I had proper headphones plugged in, and was NOT in a FM dead zone - there are very few places here where you can't get an FM signal.  Due to the intermittent nature, it is clearly a hardware/software problem with the Comet.

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              Sorry, it seems to work OK for me.  So it flashes and the app is completely frozen?  Can you choose the options button and do anything?  Can you choose another FM channel?  Maybe the available phone memory is low.  Go to the SD card and phone memory settings and check the phone internal memory availability when it is working ok vs when it fails to see if it is related to available memory.  If not, maybe you can get the app killer from the market, and "kill" the FM app. and then restart it.  At least you won't have to turn the phone off and on in order to get it to work.   Just some ideas to try.

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                No, can't do anything FM app when this occurs;

                Lots of memory unused; very little SD memory used;

                Downloaded "kill" app; did nothing!

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                  I have pretty much the same problem. Sometimes the FM radio app fails to work. It starts up, but clicking the play button does nothing. Rebooting the device corrects the problem. (But takes several minutes, so is not a very pleasing solution.)


                  In my case, the problem started after I had the device for a few weeks, and had been loading apps onto it. My suspicion is that some other app usurps a hardware resource that the FM needs. Do you use the media player? Do you have the Audible.com app? Youtube? Those are some of the apps I've been using. 


                  I tried to narrow it down by stopping apps, but that didn't seem to solve the problem. I also tried uninstalling apps, but eventually screwed everything up. Now I'll have to restore factory settings and reinstall the apps I need. Oh well... I was suspicious of some of the apps I'd downloaded anyway, after reading about Android malware, and am glad to be rid of them.

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                    Huawei has acknowledged this problem, but has no plans to repair it...Will probably address in future models!