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Calls to Canada

i live in ohio.  if i make a call to a canadian number, from my home area, is it free?  from what i have researched, i can call canada landlines free, but not canada cell phones free. is this correct? will there be any prompts to alert me that i am calling a cell number and rates will apply?


samsung t679 value500 talk text unlimited data.

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    Hi allenx1966,


    Calls made from the US to anywhere outside the US are considered long distance, but we do have a feature that can save a lot of money on calls to Canada. It's called our International Talk and Text feature and it costs $15 per month. With this feature, you can call to Canadian landlines without incurring long distance charges and you can call Canadian mobile phone numbers for a discounted rate and unlimited text messaging to all over the world. You can add the feature on T-Mobile.com or a representative at http://www.t-mobile.com/chat can assist you. Do keep in mind that your calls to Canada will still use minutes from your 500 minute plan, with or without the additional features.