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Can't get my old 'Phonebook' (contacts) onto a new Samsung S3

I REALLY NEED to get all my Phone Book contacts from my old Motorola KRZR-K1 phone's sim card onto my new Samsung Galaxy S3's micro sim card. The data is all phone #'s and names (only)... no email addresses. The S3 was activated, and it works fine otherwise.


HOW can I (painlessly) get this done ??? The new phone shows the phone itself AND the external memory card when connected via USB, but the OLD phone shows NOTHING at all under My Computer... I backed up the old phone's memory card, and the SIM card too (I believe)... but I don't know the file extension of the CONTACTS / or PHONE BOOK file. What is that 'filename' ?? Does anyone know what to look for, and/or in which folder?



Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Doc,


    I had that same problem when I moved from a Motorola RAZR V3 to a T-Mobile G2 a couple of years ago.  I took both of my phones to a T-Mobile Retail store.  They removed the sim from my RAZR V3 and slipped it into some sort of gizmo that read the contact info and transfered it to my G2.  It only took a few minutes and worked great.


    So, go to a T-Mobile Retail store with both phones and let them transfer your contact info.



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    Thanks w,


    I tried doing that once already (going to a Tmo store), since I had a problem with the 'emergency call' screen being completely LOCKED UP, and I couldn't even USE my phone... even after restarting, removing the battery and cards, etc. It wasn't even activated yet either. As it turned out though, I fixed that myself. I had inadvertently entered a # in the 'emergency call' # field, which the phone somehow saved as a 'PIN' # --NOT an emergency phone #. Luckily, I remembered that # !! What a nightmare...


    * The guy I dealt with gave me a NEW LARGER (old) SIM card for my old KRZR phone, but all he did was copy the original sim card data from the old one, to that newer (large-size KRZR-K1) sim card that he gave me. He never copied it over to my NEW S3 phone, and I wasn't watching what all he did. The guy was obviously clueless. So, I'm going to take it to Best Buy (that's where I got the S3, AND a 64GB SDXC card for $150!) Not bad, eh? Hopefully, they'll know how to do the transfer. Once I get my 150+ contact phone #'s onto the NEW S3 phone, and everything actually works (finally), then I'll be happy. I'm not about to enter all those contacts again... -OR carry my old phone around with me, so I have all the #'s... Life is tough sometimes, isn't it?? Anyway, I'll mark this post as answered (by you) then.



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    You can Bluetooth the contact to the newer phone or go to a computer and go to your Gmail (the one associated with your phone) and manually enter each one and it will sync automatically with your device.  As a word of advice to make your transistion from one Android device smoothly just back up your contacts to Gmail.  That way if you stay within the Android ecosystem and want to upgrade to another device, you contact list is forever saved in your Gmail account and not to the phone or SIM card.

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    Thanks for the advice A...


    I did try the BT method, and was able to copy the files from my MEMORY card (but not the sim). The problem was: I had an outdated SIM card (architecture) from 2000, back when T-Mobile was Voicestream... and that wouldn't allow the content of that card to be copied over to a NEW (Micro-SDHC or XC) card.  So the guy at the T-Mobile store gave me a newer architecture T-Mobile (large style, same sized) sim card for my KRZR-K1. Then we copied the contents to THAT card from the really old one. Next, we copied the newer KRZR-K1 sim card's info to the MICRO SIM card in my Galaxy S3. Now I'm GOOD TO GO! Thank God. I'm so glad I have my contacts back again!!! I was really losing it before that...


    Anyway, I'm DEFINITELY going to enter, or try to import my contacts list up to Gmail (or else, up onto the Google website). That way, they'll always be synced. It seems that everything stays happy, as long as you retain the .VCF file extension. At least, I'm hoping that's so when I actually DO it. Wish me luck.



    Thanks again guys!


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    If you open your contacts app and tap the menu button, is there an option to import/export contacts? Export them if you can.  Usually a .vcf file is generated which can be imported to contacts on your SGS3, google, outlook, etc. I do this regularly as a contacts (more than 700) backup, keeping a copy on my phone's sd card and on my computer (just in case google ever fails!).

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    Hi sweetpeach,


    Now, that I FINALLY got my phone contacts onto my new S3 phone... I'm good. I had an older style SIM which was incompatible with the T-Mobile store's reader. They gave me an updated card (for my OLD phone), and then we were able to copy over ALL my contacts. What a relief! I now have about 10 backups of that .vcf file, and everything else that I need to keep too!! I found this very helpful app (which works GREAT, & gives you 2GB of data storage) and it's totally FREE! You can get up to 1TB more, but there are fees for more than the free 2GBs you get:




    Thanks for your input anyway. I'm all a-ok now.


    -Rich (Doc)

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    Yep, been using it since I came to my SGS3! Though my contacts contain too much info to trust to cloud storage, I use it to share photos with people who have limited optons.