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    Completely stock Defy stuck in boot loop

      18 month old T-mobile Defy completely stock, Android 2.2.1,  not rooted, no real problems until now. A couple of weeks ago it began to run for increasingly shorter periods then freeze, until it would not boot at all. I did a master reset;  forgot to enable USB debugging. Was OK for a while until same problem occurred. "Watchdog" app seemed to show very little available CPU memory. Tried another master reset.  Now it's stuck in boot loop, will not get past Motorola logo screen and Motoblur animation.  Only rebootable by pulling battery. Tried different SIM and SD card. I can access bootloader.


      Can it be recovered by me? If not, should I:


      -Pay Motorola $109 + shipping & hope they fix it


      -Pay $160 and get a European Defy without U.S. 3G freqs


      -Pay $200 and get a European Defy+


      Search Ebay for a used Defy/Defy+/Defy XT


      or get another fhone/carrier altogether


      Thank you