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contract renewed under false pretenses

On July 26th I recieved a phone call from a T-Mobile rep offering me incentives to renew my contract. I wasn't very interested as I was going to move to AT&T for the iphone. However he offered me 4 samsung galaxy s3's for free and 5 samsung gravity txts for free as I have 9 lines with them. He also offered me $200 credit per account. This sounded very good so I decided to stick with T-Mobile and renew my contract. Two weeks later the phones still hadn't arrived so I rang T-Mobile to see what was going on and why it was taking so long. The rep I got on the phone said that there were no notes in my account about getting any new phones for free at all!! You can imagine my shock. She also told me she would not be able to send the phones out to me for free now, if I still wanted them I would have to pay $300+ for the samsung s3's each. So then I told her I don't want to be in a contract anymore as the whole reason I renewed my contract was because of the free phones. She then told me that I can't do that and that I have to contact contract review as they are the only ones who have the authority to void out my contract. She said the $200 credit had renewed my contract which the rep had failed to mention to me. I had specifically asked him what the credit was for he had told me for being a "loyal and valued customer." She said that I should hear back from contract review within 10 working days. So I wrote an email to contract review straight away. I didn't hear anything back from them for months. I repeatedly called T-Mobile to have this sorted out. I always got the same answer that they are sorry but it's out of their hands and to contact contract review. I have emailed contract review numerous times and sent written letters via snail mail to T-Mobile with no response at all. All I wanted them to do was listen to the phone conversation between me and the original rep who had contacted me about my renewal. His name was WC which I later found out stood for William. I asked to speak to him or to have him call me so that I could have this resolved but was always told that this wasn't possible. I finally did recieve a call from a lady from T-Mobile after 3 months to tell me that she could no longer listen to the phone conversation between me and WC as it had been more than 90 days. So as she couldn't hear the conversation she couldn't give me the free phones or void out my contract. WTH!! That's not my fault!! I contacted you at the beginning of August and I have tried repeatedly contacting you in all different manners but you never ever got back to me to resolve this. This is unacceptable. I am so dissapointed with T-Mobile. I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years and I have 9 lines with you guys. I thought that would have counted for something. You guys didn't even make an effort. My last option is to take this case to the small claims court. I have already spoken to a lawyer who says that I do have a good case but I am hoping it doesn't come to that. However if this doesn't get resolved soon I will take this case to court as I am VERY upset at being duped like this.


Let me know if this has happened to any of you guys out there and how it was resolved.

Looking forward to some help from T-Mobile too.

Thank you



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    Hi lesta2tmob,


    I apologize to hear that you have had such a hard time over the last several months trying to get the free phones that you were promised. More importantly, I think this is quite unacceptable that you have not heard back from our Contract Review team in months regarding this as well. This definitely does not seem right and I want to make sure that your account is being taken care of.


    I would like to take a look into this a little further with you and see if there is anything that I can do to assist. I will be sending you a private message shortly. Please review the private message when you get a chance.




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    Hey Adam,


    I feel your pain regarding the review board. I emailed them in Oct regarding contract issues I am having and have yet to hear back. I called CS and was told that there was no record of me sending an email. So I immediatly sent another one as well as mailed my complaint. Still no answer. I have to say that at this point I feel very violated. They have no problem taking my money every month but I can't get a stright answer from anyone. I have 3 lines on my account and refuse to pay ETF for them. I would love to hear what your out come is. Please keep me posted.

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    They do this all the time! They never take notes. It is all a plot to make you renew.

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    I am also in the same boat. One of the Tmobile CSR offered me a Galaxy S3 for $99 (with rebates) and a free Samsung gravity. But, I never received the phone and when I went and checked my account at the Store, I found out that my rate plan was not eligible for the Rebate and I never got the free phone. Tmobile CSR mislead me and I extended the contract because of this offer. Now, I am sitting here with my old phone and Tmobile is happy with another customer in the trap. I tried all my avenues - reaching out to Tmobile customer service numerous times (starting within minutes after I signed the contract). I also contacted the contract review team and the response I received from them was - "I agreed to the terms and services and I have agreed to remain in the service for 2 years". This is total BS and the CSR's lied to me and forced me to extend the contract. Contract review team never heard the phone conversation I had with that CSR who trapped me into this contract. When CSR's mislead people, poor customers are the losers. Tmobile is greedy to get people's money. I am not expecting any favourable replies or support to this 10 year loyal customer and I am going to take my next steps as a customer against this corporate giant who is trapping people into contracts and making money. One advice I have for all the current subscribers are to make sure that the "offer" from CSRs are received either in writing or in any other formal communication before you extend your contract. Otherwise, you will regret later. I have already spent hours and days going after this issue and I don't see an end to this. Good Luck!

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    There has got to be something we can do about this lying about free phones to get u to renew your contract.  What has happened since your last response?  Not sure how to follow this support network.....

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    I know its been awhile. My case was settled with Tmobile. I am out of contract. I had to use mutiple channels to get TMobile's attention- I have opened a case with BBB, I have sent email to TMobile Executive Customer service. I think the BBB triggered the call from Executive Customer Service and was settled in a week. It took a week for the case to be forwarded to Tmobile from BBB and then I got a call in 2-3 days. I have closed the case with BBB as well. I am free and out of contract. I don't think I will ever go back into a contract. I am closing in on some pre-paid plans for the peace of mind. I had enough in the last 2 months and I will never forget this experience. Good luck to those who are in the same boat. I would say - hang in there and don't lose patience. Victory will be always with the Truth.