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Problems sending picture messages on iphone 5.

I have an unlocked AT&T iphone 5 and I was wondering if anyone is having problems sending pictures from the iphone?


  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go to General -> Cellular.
  3. Make sure that:
    • Cellular Data is ON.
    • Data Roaming is ON.
    • You can set "Enable 3G" to ON if you are in a refarmed area, but if you are not it just wastes your batttery looking for it.
  4. Go to Cellular Data Network.
  5. Under Cellular Data:
    • Set the APN to epc.t-mobile.com
    • Leave Username and Password blank
  6. Under MMS:



That is what i did but regular messages seems to work fine but sending a picture message seems to show that its sending then pauses then i get an error message. anyone having this problem?