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Cannot transfer files between PC and SD Card

So I connected my new S3 to my computer and it made the little boop and started charging but never gave me the option to allow me to transfer files... this always popped up on my G2 and I pressed the button and it let me view the SD card and transfer files.


First thing I did was go into storage and make sure the SD card was mounted and recognized... it was. I even umounted and remounted just because.


Second I read the manual and unchecked the debugging box under developer options and again connected via USB. Nothing.


I took the SD card out of my phone and put it in my camera and had no problem connecting.

I put a different SD card into my phone and tried connecting that. Nothing.

I have tried two different USB cables and it does make a noise when connecting but the USB symbol does not pop up at all or the option to transfer files.


So it's not my cables, it's not my SD cards and it's not my computer (I restarted it just in case). So it's my phone.

Any ideas? It is going to seriously annoy me if I have to take the sd card out every single time I want to add or remove photos/music.