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Roaming charges for WIFI calling



I have problems with WI-FI calling. T-Mobile network recognizes my phone like is in roaming.


At home (above address) I do NOT have a regular GSM T-Mobile signal. I need to walk 2 blocks away from home to have GSM T-Mobile signal (1-2 bars).

At home I'm using WI-FI calling feature. Sometimes I have problems to make calls using this feature (WI-FI Calling) but receiving calls and messages is working perfect.



My problem now is:

I'm home (address above) using WI-FI calling (for receiving and make calls). Everything is working perfect but I've been charged for any call (in or out) like I'm in roaming (0.59$/min).

This charges are for ALL calls, in or out, US or International.


My plan is:


$50 UL Talk Text Web (100 MB at 4G) - $50/month

Current services:  

International Unlimited Talk & Text - $10/month


I'm calling and receiving calls from US, Canadian numbers and International landline phones.

This Roaming problem is only when I using WI-FI Calling but disappears when I'm using regular T-Mobile GSM signal.


I'm so tired to call or chat with T-Mobile customer service to adjust my account balance each time when I use the phone with WI-FI calling feature.


Any hints?



Thanks and Happy Holidays.

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    A few more details are needed.  Do you live on or near the border?  You spoke of international calling also so I'm assuming you have relative  or friends that call from outside the US which may incur additional charges (no 100% with prepaid)  Last but not least check your settings for Wi-Fi calling as you may be on the Wi-Fi preferred as opposed to the Wi-Fi only.  The Wi-Fi preferred gives your phone the option if the signal and conditions are adequate to make a call.  Wi-Fi only takes away the option and limits your phone to using Wi-Fi when Wi-Fi is on and available.

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    Says your problem was assumed answered but I disagree.  I am having the same problem you are, only I'm getting charged $5.99 a minute for what I can only assume is roaming even though I have WIFI only checked.  I burned through $150 pay as you go credit...thinking I was getting .10 cents a minute.  Boy was I wrong.  I'm hoping this gets figured out.

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    No, is not answered.

    Nobody knows nothing...


    T-mobile refund all charges.

    WI-FI calling worked one time properly <middle January> (no roaming charges) but two day ago, in Canada, while on WI-FI calling I called my voicemail and again 1 min roaming charges (at least only 0.59$).



    Look like when you are outside of US they check the IP and if is non US you are in roaming or the phone check locals carriers...

    But not always!!! I was using WI-Fi calling outside of US without any problems (roaming), calling and receiving calls and SMS to/from US and abroad (according to my plan features and limitations).





    (If you want to help please READ my first post and DO NOT assume anything while you DO NOT UNDERSTAND how WI-FI calling works.


    T-Mobile (the SIM card) is "activated" for this service, the service is available for (my) plan, the device has the feature (Samsung Galaxy S3) and has the right settings (only WI-FI CALLING my case).

    This service suppose to work EVERYWHERE (US or abroad) when you have internet access <WI-FI connection>.)


    T-mobile support document for Wi-Fi Calling (http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-1680)









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    And you are sure you are on WiFi calling?

    Had the icon in the top left when you made the call?

    If not that could be the issue.

    If yes then the billing system isn't working right.

    What did they day when you called?

    you may need to have a advanced billing research form filed.

    did they try anything like that to look into the billing?


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    Read above please and PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME anything!!

    Yes the phone is in WI-FI calling: the F...blue icon is there and the phone is registered to T-mobile network (ALL settings are right)



    T-mobile cannot find anything wrong and I DO NOT KNOW what are they doing when I calling (or chat). I assume they check the billing first but who knows. They don't tell you.


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    No need to be rude, we are all volunteers and do not work for T-Mobile. We try to help when we can. That said it sounds like a problem with the provisioning of your account. You may need to go into a T-Mobile store and make sure the FREE Wi-Fi calling is set up right on your account. And yes I have read your post and I do not assume anything.

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    I understand razvanvoicu frustration.  I have been with T-Mobile for a year and a half.  I have been using the WIFI calling on 3 different phones.  When I used it on my Samsung Exhibit II I had no problems using the WIFI calling while I was deployed in Afghanistan.  When I returned I bought a Samsung Galaxy S, and again no problems with the WIFI calling while in Afghanistan.  Now I'm here again with a Galaxy S III, and I'm getting charged $5.99 a minute to receive calls from Germany (where my wife lives).  I get better long distance rates on my Afghan phone to make calls, and don't get charged to receive calls...but my callers...my family in the US (parents, and sisters) get charged long distance if they call my afghan phone).  Which brings me to the WIFI calling issue.  Here's my stats:


    Samsung Galaxy SIII

    Wifi Only is selected.  I have the little blue icon in the top right of the screen.  It turns green when it's in use.


    I have confirmed over and over again that I have WIFI Only selected.  I called my phone SGSIII WIFI phone with my Afghan phone, $.5.99 a minute.  From my German phone $5.99 a minute.  Just in case anyone is wondering...my SGSIII is a U.S. T-Mobile phone.  I am using the $30.00 1500 minute plan.  When I had my SGS, and my Samsung Exhibit II...never had this issue.  I've requested to have my SGS chip reactivated and to put my SGSIII deactivated.


    The other thing the SGSIII does is when I have the WIFI calling turned off, the phone doesn't indicate that I am Roaming...although it should  I am connected to a local carrier here in Aghanistan...but the little R by the signal bar doesn't show up...


    All strange.  Such a high tech phone...buy my lower tech ones work better.  Something is not right.  I think its a software issue with the SGSII and the SGSIII.  I hope I can find some resolution for this. 


    Thanks to all the volunteers on here that help troubleshoot these issues...whether successful or not.

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    All very accurate.. when you using WiFi calling there is no way for T-Mobile to tell if your on the phone or not be because your not using their towers, hence the reason why yoi don't get charge for WiFi calling.. the only way you can get charge is if you are not on it correctly and getting charged for it, or someone on your account iscalling you, therefor chargig their line and your account.. no ifs ands or butts..

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    Not accurate on your part. T-Mobile can tell if you are using Wi-Fi calling. I check my bill and all the Wi-Fi calling minutes are listed as well as minutes used off Wi-Fi. Now Wi-Fi calling is not automatically free. You have to request it. Now on pre-paid there may be a charge for Wi-Fi calling (not sure).

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    Yeah gtwalling is right.

    Even though you are not using the T-Mobile towers, the calls go thru their network to complete the rest of the call and show your number.

    They can see what usage is done thru wifi calling but not wifi data use.  There is a distinction between those usages.

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    Ok, my issue is fixed.  I hope this will help rezvanvoicu.  After going back and forth with T-Mobile and one of their technicians actually telling me that roam on wifi is normal, and me telling him he's full of bullocks...I finally got Keis to successfully upgrade me phone to the new software.  Once I did that, it fixed my issue with getting charged roaming for using wifi.  Now all my minutes are pooling from my 1500 plan...versus $5.99 per minute from my cash balance.  Doesn't matter if I'm making the call or getting a call from Timbuktu...it just takes from my minutes.  I've verified this with two different international numbers calling my phone.


    In the end it was a software programing issue that was fixed with the new release. 





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    let's see how long this will last....


    (Already did all upgrades and couple of technical guys from T-Mobile support correct the problem but after some time <couple of days or weeks> I’ve got charged roaming on WIFI calling)

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    Sorry I couldn't help man.  I know when I tried upgraded my phone it woudn't upgrade...kept getting errors.  Finally I shut it down, pulled the SIM chip out (I know this sounds ridiculous), put the sim in my old Samsung Galaxy S (and the WIFI Calling worked as its suppose to).  I turned my GS3 back on, hooked it up to Kies...and for once it finally took the upgrade.  Once the upgrade was complete I took the chip out of my old phone and put it back into my new phone, gave it a test from my German and Afghan phone...and sure enough, it worked like it was suppose to. No Roaming, pulled from my pool of minutes, not from my monetary balance.  Like you said though...may not last.  I'll keep an eye on it.

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    Dude, you were right.  I'm sitting in my quarters 3 feet from my wireless router, connected to my wifi...I'm on a US Base in Afghanistan...but it shouldn't matter because I'm connected to wifi with my phone.  I get a call from my friend in Maine.  She calls my US T-Mobile number...my phone connected to the WIFI in my room, I answer the call.  24 minutes later, the call get cut off, and the $150.00 I had in monetary credit on my account...is now only about $3.00.  Yes, I just lost $140.00 from T-Mobile charging me $5.99 a minute to take a call.  They say their system says I was roaming.  I know for a fact I was connected to a wifi connect...you can just tell by the quality of the call.  So anyways they refused to help me or refund any money.  There is a SERIOUS software glitch with these phones.  I have an exhibit II and a Galaxy S here.  This issue doesn't happen with those phones for wifi calling.  I will discontinue using my current phone and just use my Galaxy S until the Better Business Bureau gets back to me about the complaint I filled.


    So far it seems there are only two of us that this is happening to.  I recommend that you file a complaint with the BBB.  I was thinking about going as far as trying to get a lawyer involved in this.  I'm not going to lose any more money because I'll be using one of my other phones...but I'm sure this is happening to other people besides just us.  I'm hoping I'll get a positive response from the T-Mobile via the BBB...so time will tell.

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