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    "My T-Mobile" app crashes, so 4g for HP Pavilion dm1-4310nr Won't Work

      I just purchased a HP Pavilion dm1-4310nr Notebook PC running Windows 8 which advertises free 4G through T-Mobile for 2 years.  In order to set up this service for free, you must launch the "My T-Mobile" application; however, it crashes immediately upon launch when I have the SIM card installed in the laptop.  If I have the SIM card uninstalled or leave the battery out of the laptop (which disables the SIM), the application starts but shows it is missing the SIM and won't allow setup to initiate.


      One of the main reasons I purchased this laptop is because of the advertised 4G through T-Mobile, but it is tragic that one of the things preventing me from setting up this feature is a shoddy application. 


      Please let me know if there are any workarounds, such as manually setting up this SIM card, or fix the "My T-Mobile" app to not crash with a SIM installed, which would allow me to access the 2 years of free 4G.


      Any replies are greatly appreciated.