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    Phone Stays Off Keeps Vibrating??

      I got my phone last year around this time. About a week ago it just turned off and started to vibrate every couple of seconds. If I take out the battery and put it back in the phone starts up but almost immediately turns back off and starts vibrating again. How do I fix this??

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          Power button is broke and sticking. Its a common issue with the phone and have replaced two of mine already because of it.


          Get a replacement. For now, if you dont have insurance. Keep pressing that power button 100 or so times to get it unstuck and working again

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            I'm not sure what else can cause this issue, but this just happened to me yesterday (talk about our issues having perfet timing, eh?) 




            The device forces itself off.  It will vibrate after 2 seconds.  If you attempt to power itself back on it may get up to the boot up screen and then force it self back off.  The screen will go black but it will continue to vibrate every 2 seconds.


            What I did to determine if it was the battery or power button was:


            - take out battery, press the power button button for 5 seconds, re-insert the battery.

            - leave battery out for 10-15 minutes and re-insert.

            - Take battery out and re-insert continuously (basically just so that it touches the pins and then you remove it).


            - BUT I know it's the power button because: I try to turn it on.  While it's booting up i run my finger over the power button continuously.  I noticed that it continued to boot up.  Essentially, this forces the device to ignore any prompts that the power button may be giving it.  When it was powered on the device prompted me with the quick setting menu (pop up with options to turn airplone mode on/off, vibrate on/off, and power device off).


            At this point...if you're still in warranty T-Mobile should be able to replace it.  If you're out of warranty then you may be able to take it to a repair center to determine if they can mess with the power button or try to do it yourself (this won't void any extended warranties you may have).  Your last option would be to take advantage of the extended warranty/protection plan and exchange it.


            UPDATE: i will try to see what I can do to fix it myself.  I'll post an update if/when I do.

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              Here we go:


              After cleaning it with compressed air, taking the phone apart, and cleaning it inside the phone continued to give me the same problem.  While opened I turned the phone on and forced the button OUT ensuring that it didn't execute the power command.  The issue still persisted.  This led me to believe that it's not mechanical or related to the power button at all.


              I took it to a local repair shop for a second opinion.  They confirmed that the power button is working fine, and that it's an internal issue.

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                Hi again... i'm a persistent one.  I was able to fix my phone, and here's how I did it.


                By fidgeting with power button while it's trying to boot up it will ignore the power down command and allow the phone to boot up.  While booted I QUICKLY changed my live wallpaper...now it stays on.  It was my live wallpaper but I didnt think that this was the problem because i've had it on for about 2 days now.  If you can quickly change the live wallpaper that may fix it.  My next guess would be to uninstall the last app you downloaded.


                If that doesn't work try this while it's on:  Try to rush to the settings --> Location & Security --> try a factory reset.


                Factory/Hard Reset:

                Recovery mode - Turn phone off, press and hold Vol Up + Home + Power. The Volume keys navigate the menus and Home actions your choice

                Dialer - enter *2767*3855#

                Accessing through menu - Settings - Privacy - Factory data reset.

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                  There is another thread i'm posting in about the very same thing.  In an effort to dodge having to post the same info twice, please go here: