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Galaxy Note II Charging Extremely Slowly?

So I've had my Note 2 for about two weeks now and I've been loving it. Everything about the phone has been great so far, except for one thing. Since about last thursday, my phone has been extremely slow to charge. I'm using the charger it came with, though I've tried others, and it takes over six hours to get a full charge from <10%. I've tried soft reset, factory resets, battery pulls, etc with no luck.



Is anyone else experiencing this problem and if so, is there a fix other than sending it in and getting a refurb? I'd feel rather cheated sending in a practically brand new phone for a used one, all things considered.

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    Have you tried powering it off first? If that is much faster, then you likely have a power-sucking app (battery stats may show it??).  If it is no faster then it's probably either the battery or the charger in need of some service or replacement.

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    I haven't measured it, but I really think charging it through the wall is faster than charging it through your computer's usb slot...


    my guess is that you've been plugging it into your computer...

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    Dagonzo said he had been using the Samsung Wall charger ("tried others"). 


    USB charging for the Note 2 from a PC device is very slow because the current produced by a PC USB is very low.  If you have ever looked at it, you'll see the wall charger is rated at 2 amps, thus it can fully charge a dead (but sound) Note 2 battery in about 2 hours.


    Other wall chargers are typically less than the Sammy at generating current (they are lower cost, lower power), so the Samsung branded wall charger is likely the best means of fast-charging this beast.  A PC's USB or a substitute low-power wall-charging would be 2-4 times longer on the same dead (but sound) battery compared with Samsung's wall charger.

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    @wizlon: When powered off it charges (slightly) faster than normal but that isn't optimal for me throughout the day when I do a lot of business on my phone. I am pretty consistent with killing apps that run in the background and the "battery" module states that 35% of my battery usage is being done by the screen, which is set at its lowest brightness setting on the phone.


    I am consistently charging through a wall charger and not USB-to-PC, as well, so that isn't the issue.

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    Interesting.  So, if you drain it to, say, 15%, how long does it take to fully charge when powdered down?  I'll run a test on mine later today and will report timing (t may take me a while, I am currently at 75%.  I might turn Hotspot on though, as that runs me down faster).


    Experiment summary: 15% battery or close to, then power off device, then plug into Samsung wall charger, time until you notice the little rgeen power light come on*.


    This should tell you fairly definitively if you have a hardware problem, be it the charger or the battery or the phone (it won't tell you which).


    For reference: my device is about 6 weeks old, and I think the battery is just fine, so "nearly new" performance is what I am expecting from my set-up.




    * And no, I too am not going to spend 2+ hours starting at an LED waiting for it to change color...I'll just remember to pay more attention after a couple of hours or so. 

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    Ok.  Charged from 15% to full when powered off in around 3 hours using a Samsung charger.  I'd expect it to take about 1-2 hours more if I did that powered on, and the battery would not actually achieve as high a state of charge if charged on versus off.  I hope that's of use when you're trying to evalate your charging system. 

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    Hello dagonzo2578,


    Here are some things to try:


    1. Drain your battery completely and charge it but don't power it on until it's fully charged.  This will re-calibrate your battery.
    2. Reduce the amount of unnecessary processes running in the background.  From the homepage, go to "Settings" / scroll all the way down to "Developer options" (when you get to this page, make sure the switch is "On" in the upper right hand corner to activate the Developer options) / scroll all the way down and tap on "Limit background process" and select "4 processes at most" or lower if you like.
    3. Disable some apps/bloatware you don't use.  From the homepage, go to "Settings" / scroll to "Application manager" / slide the screen to the left so you see "All" applications / Tap on an application you do not use and tap "Disable" (Note: if you updated the app/bloatware, you have to uninstall the updates before you can disable).


    I've done this to my GNII and I've been able to get approximately 18 hours of battery up time with moderate usage.  I've also done this on my former Galaxy S II, which by the way is still an excellent phone (my wife is using it and loving it), and I was able to get just under 24 hours of battery up time.


    I hope these things help.


    Best regards & Happy Holidays,


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    call t mo and get a replacement. Dont wasting ur time. Fast, saving timeand stree free.

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    I had a same problem  nothing help. Nanara. Anyway Whatever people telling u to do this and do that . U can try it but  it will not solving problem.

    Best thing is Call tmo get a replacement phone.


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    My Battery Monitor Widget estimates that it should take me about 4 hours to recharge from 0%.  I'm not sure about its estimation algorithms, but that's close enought to 6 hours if you take a power-hungry app into account.


    I personally like to know what's happening.  There are lots of tools. e.g.:


    SystemPanel from NextApp provides more detail than the built-in battery stats

    BetterBatteryStats from Sven Knispel tells you what apps are keeping the phone awake


    It seems to me that simply exchanging your phone is a two-dimensional stab in a four-dimensional darkness.

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    Just got a new Note II last night. First one had problems and had to go back. Got it home. Plug it in to the wall (I never use USB to charge). Started at 51%. Was not past 80% 2 hours later.  Little use for reading last night. 51% this morning. At work, plugged in to wall. Says 99% BUT no green light yet obviously.


    My point? This one definitely is taking longer to charge that the one I took back yesterday.

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    my note 2 suddenly started to slowly charge , it takes about 4 to 5 hours to fully charge :S so i brought a new battery and a new charger and still the same problem so can any one help me plz ?

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    I wonder if the new update from last week is making a difference on battery life. I have noticed my phone not lasting as long and taking forever to charge. I wouldn't get a new one from tmobile though since I heard they send refurbished services if they replace it

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    Same problem here, faster battery draining and slower charge times. Maybe they'll fix this in the next update.

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