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    My Galaxy Note 2 is showing "insufficient storage available" when I try to update certain aps

      I had my Note 2 all set up with aps, and was not pushing the storage limits of teh phone to any extent.  RAM, internal storage and SD Card are all well below 50% used with plenty of available space.  When trying to update Facebook ap and a couple of others (Maps, ESPN Score center), the phone downloads the ap, but when it starts to install I get the "insufficient storage available" from the Play Store, and the ap does not update/install.  I even tried to uninstall the Facebook ap and reinstall, but now it will not install either.  My Andorid system is up to date, and I have cleared a lot of space by deleting aps, clearing cache and putting all pictures, etc on SD card.  Still no success.  What can I do short of doing a complete reset and starting over?