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    Data not working

      I just got the comet and I am on a prepaid plan with 100meg. everytime I try to use the data it tells me "no service" when I have full signal strength.

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          This may work for you -

          Go to settings, and choose wireless & networks

          choose Mobile networks

          uncheck use only 2G networks,

            check data enabled

            check networks

            check select automatically


          Other folks in the forum are having problems with getting on the data network as well.  Did you use the same sim card from your old phone, or did they deactivate the one in the old phone and activate the one in the new phone?  One person said that moving the sim card from her brother's phone to her phone allow her phone's data stream to work.  I don't know.  I just use my phone on 2G only for phone calls, and then turn on the wireless when I'm at Starbucks or McDonald's to do email and such.  On my old phone, I had the option of going to t-zones, and it would ask me if I wanted to spend $1.49 for a day's worth of web-usage.  On this phone, I no longer get that option, I too get the "no service" message when I try to go to the t-mobile store or the market or my-accounts without being near a wi-fi spot.

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            I removed the battery so it could reset and it worked. thank you