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iPhone 5 on T-mobile 4G Prepaid

So I am in possession of an iPhone 5 that is unlocked. I am really interested in t-Mobile's 4G monthly prepaid service.


I am aware of the spotty coverage and the likelihood of often using edge/2G speeds. My area, the Inland Empire of southern California, does seem to have good coverage however, and I typically use less than 1 gig data a month on my current plan. However I am worried about all the features on my phone working. I have learned through google searches that some people have issues with their MMS and also Facetime in particular.


I wanted to ask anyone who is using T-mobile's 4G monthly services if they have any other issues with features or services not working?


Lastly it is getting nearer to Christmas and I can pick up a nano sim for t-mobile in stores or only online? I have to end my current contract soon, I will not be porting numbers, so I'd like to have eevrything squared away. Thanks for your help/advice.

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    Greetings hisdudeness,


    That area has not been announced for the refarming so it would be safe to expect 2G(Edge) data.  Currently T-Mobile is working on adding 1900 MHz to towers to improve coverage for unlocked phones such as the I-Phone that share that frequency.  With that said, 2G data speeds can be slow and would affect the performance of apps running on the device. 


    There is a Unofficial page dedicated to 3G service running on the 1900 frequency and a map to check out what other users get in such areas.




    This is no way affiliated with T-Mobile.  You can get a Nano Sim at a T-Mobile store only, it is not available online.


    I hope that helps