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Update fo G-Slate

So I order the g-slate the other day and just found out that it is not update able. I am not going to return it I am a computer tech and like to know if this tablet will ever get Jelly Bean? I know that ICS is out of the question becuase it is an old OS now. Has anybody been able to update thier tablet? This question is both for people that own the tablet and the T Mobile reps. If the device will not be updated I would at least like to know.




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    did you buy it used?  I hope you got a good price because if you want JB, then you are better off getting a nexus 7.  no, this tablet will not get Jelly Bean or any other updates.  I doubt even CM will have a compatible update.  As is, the tablet still works great for me (1 1/2 years later).  it just doesn't have some of the latest features.

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    Yea, our G-Slate is still running great for 1.5 years too.  The thing is like a tank once you put a nice folio case on it.


    But if I were buying a tablet "the other day" I certainly would not get a G-Slate.  There are so many tablets that come with JB on board for a low price.  There's no need to look at the G-Slate if you're buying something.


    Mozartthe2nd, only way you're going to get anything beyond the Honeycomb is via hack.  And hacks can't really be discussed here since that's outside the bounds of warranty.  But you can Google around and you'll find there's even a CM ROM out there.

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    I just bought a G-Slate for $230 brand new.  I looked at the options and for the right size and the 4G capability, the G-Slate fit my criteria best.  I hope I don't regret it.  I am going to use it as is for as long as possible (which, admittedly, may not be long), but in the mean time, I have my eye on the Jelly Bean CM Project: http://rootzwiki.com/topic/32322-rom-cyanogenmod-10-alpha-t-mobile-g-slate-v909/


    I am disappointed that T-Mobile and LG abandoned this platform, but I knew it when I bought it.  Tablets have always been a bit of a science project for me, so I am prepared to do some rooting and hacking.  My life is quickly becoming short on time for such experiments though, and I suspect my next tablet purchase will not be out of the bargain bin.

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    Yeah I looked at that page, and seems like a good place to mod the LG Slate, but I dont think I will be doing it just yet. There are some bugs on that mod, you will end up losing some features on the tablet. They are still working the bugs out still. I will end up waiting. I got my slate about a day ago and have to say I am impressed even though it has honeycomb it operates very well. I am able to get netflix, and play most games from Max Payne, Shadowgun, Dead Space, and some tegra 2 games. I still cant believe my eyes when I play some of these games. I think the only draw back is I didnt think through about the samsung media hub that I have on my phone. I still dont know if it has any problems playing videos other then what is listed on the device page. I might have to get a 3rd party media player. Other then that I think its an awesome product.

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    Mozarthe2nd - Thanks for your reply and I look forward to posts about how you resolve your media playback issues.  I am using it as my tablet for my car, primarily.  It will serve as my GPS and mp3 player through the Aux input on the Bose system in my Caddilac.  The 2005 CTS has nearly unusable navigation and interface.  The 2013 has a tablet-style interface, and it occurred to me that a little velcro and a cheap 4G tablet and I would be in pretty good shape!  I may even port my number to Skype or Vonage and try using one of those apps so it can remain my "phone".  I have a work phone (Motorola Razr Maxx), so I rarely use the old G2 I have.  I only wish there was a genuine dialing interface that used the tablet radio like a phone, but oh well...

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         So for videos I use mx player and the codecs that it tells me to install, I am able to play mkvs, and avi's. I did have to sideload some apps in order to make things work. For music wise I believe google has a thing where you can upload 20,000 songs and you can listen to them anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. You can also download to your device if you want. (I think they limit on how much you download from the site, its unlimited streaming of course your internet package is limited by the bandwith you signed up for too. )


         I started to upload my songs and have to say its pretty good. to be able to go from my phone to my tablet with no problems. The app that I was interested in was the google play video and movies, this app in the google play store was not compatible through the store. I got curious and used an backup software from the android market and then e-mailed to myself and opened on my tablet. I installed the app and I can watch all my videos and movies that I bought from google play, I dont know why the play store would state that this app was not compatible.


    As I come to almost a full month I find that this tablet was really ment for mobility, I say that becuase I found that my tablet was rebooting itself every couple of mins while I was at work.  I however dont think its a defect. I believe its something that was written in the OS or the android system. I believe when the tablet believes that it is not getting a proper connection with the internet or wifi it will attempt to reboot itself to fix the connection.


    Although its not confirmed I am still watching to see if it happens again. I work in a place where I usually get phone service and wifi. There was some issues this morning with both the 4G and wifi services at the Office. I was unable to connect to my wifi hotspot while at work both on my phone and tablet. I did move to a different location as far as desk location so I know that might have something to do with it, so lets say I am in a dead zone for wireless service. Okay then I would connect to wifi in the area, well I know that the wifi was available becuase I can see it on both devices (my phone and tablet).


    Of course my phone would not reboot becuase its running ICS, so leaves me to believe that since I really wasnt doing anything with the tablet at the time that it forced rebooted itself due to not either getting a proper ip address or network connection(service wise)