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    Galaxy S2 USB not being recognized, phone charging.

      As the title states, my Galaxy S2 will not be recognized on my computer. When I plug it in, the phone charges, but there is no icon in the task bar. When I pull down the task bar, there is no option to go into Mass Storage mode. If I manually go into settings and USB Utilities, and click connect to mass storage device, nothing happens. It worked when I first had the phone, it just suddenly stopped working.


      I've tried:

      Different USB cords

      Different USB ports

      Different computers

      Hard-resetting my phone

      Restarting my computer

      Dialing "*#7284#" and changing from PDA to modem and vice versa

      I went through the chat session with a T-Mobile representative and she could not help me

      KIES connects through Wi-Fi, but not through USB


      At the moment I am downloading a Samsung USB driver from their website. I'll see how this goes.

      EDIT: No luck.


      I wanted to know if anyone found a solution to this problem before I contacted Samsung. I know this is a common problem because I've googled around and seen it come up a lot. Not just with the S2 but also with the S3. Any help would be appreciated. I'm going to the nearest T-Mobile store to see if they can help me out when I have time after exams. Meanwhile, I hope you folks can post some suggestions. Thanks.

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