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    HTC One S Jellybean update


      I was told in September when I purchased my HTC S that it would be the very first phone offered by T-Mobile to recieve the JellyBean (4.1) update.  Seems that was a lie as there have been a few others phones to receive the JellyBean update and even 1 that has 4.2 update.  I've contacted HTC about a possible release date and they confirmed that ALL information need for this update was sent to T-Mobile the first week of October.  They also stated that there might be a 2-4 week delay while T-Mobile adds all of their "bloatware" to the build.  A quick Google search shows that the rest of the world is already enjoying the update wile we have to set back and wait for T-Mobile to butcher 4.1 and add all of the extra junk in that NOBODY wants or needs.

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