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Can you ever get out of a T-mobile contract?

This is for many of us who became victim of T-Mobile extending our contracts without our knowledge or consent.

As per some, T-Mobile got you to sign your life away, the first time you signed up with them (post 2008), and took away your right to sue them. As per the T&Cs in the same contract (that I'm sure, all of us read line by line, word by word) did it also get us to sign that they can renew or extend our contract under many other terms and conditions, without our consent? They don't have to play back the recording of any conversations. So, if you call them for WHATEVER the reason, you essentially extended your contract for 2 more years, irrespective of what you were calling about. And, somehow they manage to issue some kind credit in the bill (I'm sure all of us read every word of the bill every month, even if it is exactly the same for every month, the minimum contract amount), to connect with such a scheme. Are you stuck with them for life (unless of course you are ready to pay them $200, or in my case $1,000 as I have 5 lines family plan)? Tried everything. Contract review came back with same answers. They have done this without my knowledge or consent.

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    Hi shahnikhil


    I completely understand how aggravating it would be to find out that your contract has been renewed without your permission, or not to the terms you had agreed to. Contracts should be clearly explained, and you should be made aware of the terms at the time of the change.  I apologize that you do not feel that was done in this situation.


    Our Contract Review department would be the best department to speak with in this case. They have the proper tools and resources needed to determine whether a contract is in fact valid or not. If they already responded back to you regarding your complaint, this would mean that they were able to conduct an investigation on your account and determined that the contract is valid.


    I apologize for the added stress this has caused for you as the $200 early termination fee per line would add up to be a lot of money. As a company, we do not condone unauthorized contract extensions and if we were able to determine that this was done for whatever reason, we would make sure that the contract was reversed back to the original end date. I do hope that you find this information helpful.



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    I beg to differ with your statements such as "As a company, we do not condone unauthorized contract extensions". How else would you have hundreds (if not thousands) of cases like this?

    Contract review department responded saying that as per their records the extension was appropriate. Unlike others, I wasn't even offered anything - forget about agreeing or consent

    I had called back asking to play me the audio recording. The resply was "we can't do that". Of course not, because you do not have it.

    So far, I have filed complaints with FCC, FTC, BBB, and NJ Attorney General's office.


    It is the LOYALTY DEPT. that has been doing this to all of us. The only consent they have from me is 2 years back when I agreed to contract extension while getting phones upgraded. Knowing that this can't be a "mistake" and that they are committing fraud, they can easily play the 2 year old audio recording as my consent. I don't think that at that time, I would have said anything like "I, blah blah, on today, December 4th, 2010, agree to contract extension, etc., etc.".


    So it might be difficult to fight, however I'm hoping that the above mentioned agencies working for consumer protection, know what they are dealing with, especially if there are hundreds (if not thousands) of such cases. That there is a pattern, and that it can't be us, consumers.

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    I agree with what you said about upgrades to phones being mislead as contract agreements. I feel as if TMobile has taken advantage of their long time customers. My family and I had been with T Mobile for over 10 years and to be treated this way by their company is really upsetting. My sister and I have recently moved to an area where we do not have any reception in her apartment building and we asked to be let out of our contract only to be told we would have to pay an excess of 200$. We loved T mobile back where we use to live because of great reception but now I spend 50 hours at work a week with no cellular service. I was unaware at the time when we upgraded our phones that it meant we signed a two year contract since our t mobile customer service person was too busy flirting with me. Thinking back on that time he actually violated our privacy and stole my cell phone number to later text me to ask me out! Which i declined and told him how unprofessional that was. Now I'm stuck in a contract that I can't get out of because of someone's incompetence. Also last week when I lost my phone and when I went into the t mobile store they told me to call customer service to deactivate my lost phone. How can I make a phone call when I don't have a phone in an area that I don't have cellular service. When I asked to use their phones they denied me! What customer service! I have four lines with them and I wanted to only cancel two phones because I've moved and t mobile has provided me no help whatsoever.

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    I think by now it is pretty much common knowledge that if you upgrade a phone purchase and get a discount on that phone it renews your contract.

    Depending on the phones you have purchased, have you looked into wifi calling?