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    Is there a way to go back to Ice Cream Sandwich after updating to Jellybean?

      Hi all,


           I'm sure there is a way, but I'm just not sure.  Allow to go brief on why I ask.  I was having problems with Google Play. It kept erroring out, and would not open or update any of my apps. So, I figured, I'll do a factory reset.  So I did. Now my phone looks as what it did when I got the phone.  However, the OS still shows at 4.1.1 and not 4.0.   Now I remember when I did the initial update to 4.1.1, it got more apps, keyboard worked better, and there were some improvements.  Well, now I do not have any of that anymore, and I kinda want it back.  But, Kies thinks my phone is already there. I know it's not.  So, I figured If I could go back to Ice Cream Sandwiich, I could then do my update again to get what I got when I first did as such.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all that can help!