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    transfer data to new phone?

      My G2 was my first smartphone, so getting the SIII is the first time I need to transfer info. Can I just plug my SD Card into the new phone, and apps will locate their data? For example, I have Note Everything. Data is on my SD card. Do I have to copy SD card content to computer, then to new phone? Is putting everything on computer, reformatting card, and loading data back onto card the way to go? Android version is a lot different between the 2 phones, I thought that might make a difference? I want to give the new phone the best start possible. Also, the play store, under my apps, is missing a lot of them. Is that common? I really don't have that many apps I use, so reloading will be no big deal, but I thought they would all show up in my apps in playstore. Sorry for the newbie questions, I tried google, a lot of the info was really old.

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          You should be able to just pop your old sd card into the new phone. Mind you, the apps that you have the data saved on the card will have to be reinstalled on the new phone. If you bought them on the Google Play store and you have back my information checked on your G2, when you put your credentials in the new phone it will start downloading those apps..


          Now if you want to use a new sd card of say a larger size, then you will probably want to transfer that information via a computer using a card reader. (Or putting the info on your computer as a temp file on the desktop and moving it to the new sd card.

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            My apps on my mytouch were synched to my Google. But they didn't auto download. If you go to my apps in the play store, everything will be there. I like that because I didn't use a lot of the apps... so that was a plus.


            regarding app information like notes as long as you save it to sd it should be fine and open up in your new phone. Back it up on your computer just in case!

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              Note Everything backs up but it backs up to your internal SD. You have to move the backup file to your external SD or to your computer. Same for other apps unless it is an app used by Google.

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                Now, I'd like to say something about backups:  BACKUP EVERTHING!!!


                Make sure you've gone into settings> Backup and reset > set up a sink to your google account, check backup my data, and usually you'll want to also check automatic restore.


                It's best to take your sd card out of your g2, copy it completely to a folder on your computer, put your card into your SGS3 and format the card, unmount the card, take it out of the SGS3 and place it in your computer, copy all your data back onto your sd card, put it back in your SGS3 and mount it. This, to be sure, is an abundance of caution. However,   do want things to go smoothly and not be dealing with weird problems.


                Furthermore, as verhouze mentioned, this phone operates with 2G of internal phone memory (the ROM or phone operating system is placed here), 16 or 32 Gigs of "internal sd card" memory (which is NOT removable by the user) and up to a 64G "external" sd card. Now, its best to set most of your apps to place their data on the external sd card (i.e. your camera, music, etc.). If you use a third party app that has an option to backup your settings choose a path that places that backup on your external sd card. If that is not possible, copy the apps data (usually one folder on the internal sd card) and place a copy on your external sd card. Make a folder on your external sd card called backups and fill it with copies that will make your life easier should anything NASTY happen!

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                  so how do you do that

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                    What kind of phone are you using and what do you want to backup?

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                      The absolutely easiest way I have found to do this is Titanium Backup Pro if you have root, if root is not an option or you don't have it or wish to acquire it then I highly recommend My Backup Pro. Both these apps will allow you to save all your apps and settings in the condition you currently have them.  Yes even the way you have you launcher set-up and the multiple screens.

                      Sweetpeach offered some sound advice as you can do this also with either of these storage/restore apps.  I save all my data to my SD card for up to a week and then copy everything to a Hard Drive connected to my PC but I name it Galaxy S III Backups and in that folder, the Year, then in that folder I have them save by the Month, then in that folder I have them saved by the Week just in case something does happen I can pull the previous week to restore my phone or my soon to be new phone the Galaxy S 4.

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                        I actually prefer Helium (formerly Carbon) to backup my apps & app data. I own Helium Premium, but, if you don't mind ads, the free version is just as useful and NOT a trial version. I like that the developer is ClockworkMod , a name well known in the android community. I am not rooted so Helium offers the same advantages to the almost always forgotten "stepchildren" of the android community - those who don't root their devices before their warranty expires.

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                          hey, briardlady. yes, if you switch to a new phone, it may be a trouble for a new user. I had bought my new phone and I met the same problem. Actually, I have tried various ways. If you just plug my SD Card into the new phone, may be other data that saved on the phone will not be transferred to the new phone. Then I found the easiest way is to make use of some third party apps.

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                            Well, actually, I don't think you can directly plug your SD Card into the new phone. Because if you do this, you will lose a lot of data including some important contacts or apps. If you want to successfully transfer all the data safely, I will recommend you to use Phone Transfer. You can view http://www.recovery-android.com/

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                              Gmail is your common denominator.  If you have contacts backed up to Gmail none of them will be lost, using that same Gmail account log in on Google Play Store and all your apps will be there.   The data acquired over time (like your levels in games or personal notes) won't make the transfer unless you use a 3rd party app.  You can't lose contacts unless they are not backed up to Gmail.