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3g Mobile Data Connection not working



I have a Samsung Galaxy S 4G running Android 2.2.1 Froyo with the latest firmware.  The day before yesterday, I noticed that it wasn't connecting to 3g or 4g networks (the symbol to the left of the signal strength bars would not appear) and I have been unable to connect since.  I have turned the mobile data connection off and on by holding down the power button, I have tried changing network mode to WCDMA only, and I have tried manually connecting to a network (the only ones that show up when I search are "T-mobile" and AT&T").  I've turned it off and taken out the battery for a while.  No results.  On the network settings, both "Use packet data" and "Data roaming" are checked active.  My data plan is unlimited, so I don't think that's an issue.  Wi-fi is off.  GPS being on or off seems to make no difference.  I've followed the steps here ( http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-2780 ) and looked in the user manual to no avail.  I'm out of ideas.  Anyone know how to solve this?

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    You may want to contact T-Mobile rep's and ask if their experiencing any troubles with their towers in your area. I've had that happened to me once or twice. Hope this helps and best of luck.

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    I'm having the exact same problem on my Galaxy S 4G. This started right before the Thanksgiving holiday, for me anyway. I'm hoping it's just the network being overloaded from all the holiday shopping people are doing on their mobile devices.

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    Same problem here and I too have Samsung Galaxy S. I have intermittent 4G service only at my home location. If I travel a few miles north I reacquire 4G service without any problems anywhere I go around the Denver, CO area. When I return home I may or may not have 4G. If I do, it works for a few hours or less and fails again. As with b3y0nd1man above, this problem began November 17th just before Thanksgiving.


    I called Technical Support about this on Monday Nov. 19th. and they said that they were having problems in my area and that the service should be up soon. That was 10 days ago and it still isn't fixed. I have called back repeatedly to Tech Support only to be told that the engineers have fixed the problem and my service tickets have been closed. Nevertheless, I still don't have reliable 4G service, so I opened yet another service ticket. Still no results. "Go to a T-Mobile Store and request an updated SIM card" was the next suggestion and I have no results from that either. One other thing, I can't connect to their network servers via WiFi either and don't tell me to reset my modems, routers, etc. because they are working just fine. It's connecting to the local T-Mobile server that's the problem and it connects just fine at Starbucks when I am connected to another server out of my home cell area.


    However, if I set my network mode to GSM Only I can get 2G service reliably, but I'm not paying for 2G service; I am paying for 4G data speeds and I'm not getting it.


    Calling Customer Service is useless as CS reps are located in a foreign country, speak poor english, and can only advise me with whatever instructions are given in their script books. This particular problem is beyond their scope and they can only tell me how to reset my phone, which doesn't solve the problem, but does waste a lot of time. I have asked to speak with a supervisor, but I have been refused. Thanks T-Mobile!


    Apparently, intermittent network problems are also beyond the scope of T-Mobile engineers as the service still comes and goes several time per day at random, seemingly. Since I can't get satisfaction on this network problem I have discontinued my EasyPay option and will refuse to pay for services that I am not getting when the next payment is due. Perhaps that will attract some attention. I've asked to cancel my service, but the reps want several hunderd $$$ to do it and I think that the breach of contract is by T-Mobile by not being able to resolve unreliable network problems. I am perfectly will to pay for the services that I have contracted for, like 4G data, but if T-Mobile can't provide it, and soon, I will be gone regardless of the consequences. I need a reliable network service.


    So then T-Mobile, are you going to answer this or blow us off again?

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    In case anyone else has this problem:


    I finally had a chance to call tech support, and it seems that my Access Point Name had somehow been completely set blank, and would not give me the option to reset.  They managed to walk me through the process, and it works now.  I did not realize what I was supposed to see when I clicked on "Access Point Names": if you open that up and it says that no APN is detected, and asks you to create a new one, you may have the same problem I did.  Call T-mobile and tell them this, and hopefully they can walk you through it as well.

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    I have an Access Point listed as "T-Mobile US, epc.tmobile.com" and still have poor, unreliable and intermittent 4G service. True, if you don't have an APN you will not have any data service. However, this is only one reason for lack of a data connection since there are several other possible reasons. I am glad that your problem has been resolved. Unfortunately for me, I must rely on the expertise of T-Mobile engineers to solve my problem with a faulty server at the local cell.

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    Same boat as you. I live in Chicago. The 4G connection still isn't working as it should, data just is not transferring or it Timed-Out, totally unreliable at this juncture. Like you said, I also can get EDGE; but I'm paying for 4G. It's just frustrating.