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    problems with wifi in galaxy s3

      I have had my white galaxy s3 since september and i use wifi calling because i cannot get signal where I live but go half a mile up the road either way and get signal we have been with tmobile for a year now and was not told that the signal was not good in the area that we live in. anyways i paid full price of 600.00 for our phones and i am on my 4th phone and when someone tries to call me I do not know they are calling because it will not go through and when I am on the phone after 5 minutes the call drops I still have wifi with internet but not wifi calling this is frustrating because at first we had no problems at all until the first week in october and I was told my tmobile that after 3 exchanges that I could get a completely different phone well now that there is a big open ticket with tmobile they will not let me get a different phone and they have no idea when the problem will be fixed. My husband has the blue one and his don't drop calls but he cannot get incoming calls when on wifi just the same as the white one. Samsung says that they are not aware of the problem I have did the jelly bean update and did the factory reset and it does not work what is it going to take to get this problem fixed and why are we having to pay our bill every month when we can get no use out of phones that are suppose to be the best phones now. I have contacted the news media to see if they can help get the problem resolved. Is it true that tmobile switched to a different system with wifi calling.