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    my touch 3g keeps rebooting over and over

      It will turn on for a few seconds then reboot again doesn't stop i took out the battery for a while then put it back in but when i turn it on again the same problem! I tried hard reset too but the track ball doesn't click on factory reset

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          I understand what your going through, I was told by a t-mobile rep that I needed a new SIM card so I went and got a new one, my phone is still doing the same thing. It reboots by itself and at night when I turn my phone off it won't shut down, it just reboots by itself...I'm at my witts end with this phone!!!

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            I am having the same problem. I am in the middle of running a program and it shuts down and reboots. I shut it off at night and it reboots. It is also very slow sometimes, particularly with audio. I thought it might be memory so I deleted some of my programs, moved others to the SD card, still the same.


            I have a program called Noom which tracks my running. I have been in the middle of that program on a run and the phone just shuts down and reboots. It is very frustrating.


            When it plays audio, it studders.

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              moving to SD card is just going to slow things down and cause your system to be more unstable.


              Just saying.

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                I am having the same issue!  I just contacted t-mobile about it and they said I needed to update my software.  My android version is 2.2.1   I went to the link they sent and it ws for the slide not my phone.  the 3g with 3.5 mm.  I then looked up my phone from the link they had sent and there are no updates for the 3g.  I told the woman that and she came back and offered me an exchange.  A t-mobile Comet.  UGH the comet has bad reviews and if i took the exchange i could not send it back if i didnt like it.  UGH  I am so disappointed with this!  I pay insurance on my phone so that if it doesn't work I can replace it. I expect to be able to replace it with something just as good or better not a phone that has bad reviews.   I liked my phone until this reboot thing started. I just would like to fix it!



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                  I had the same problem with my MyTouch and was told it was the cache. Unfortunately, the sequence that I was given in this forum was for another phone. I am certain T-Mobile support can tell you how to clear the cache.


                  What I ended up doing was a factory reset. This was suggested by some very helpful people in this forum. It wiped out a lot of information, but considering Google backs most of it up, I was able to get almost all of it back. Thank you Google.


                  When I got my phone up and running again it installed a new, upgraded system. My wife has a newer Android and my phone now has the same system as she does. My phone was moving along great, and fast, until I reinstalled an overlay called ADW. It slowed things down a lot. I uninstalled it and the phone is working great again. It is not rebooting, it is not shutting down, and it is working faster. I hope this helps.

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                    When my phone resets. 90% of the time it will actually do a hard reset by itself.  I dont think a hard reset is going to help since i have basically had 4 of them in the last month

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                      Not being overly technically savvy here, if you are talking about a hard reset (i.e. completely shut down, battery out, etc.) then that is different. What I did was SETTINGS > PRIVACY > FACTORY DATA RESET (and on). If that is what you have done, then someone much more knowledgable than I may have to help. Doing the factory reset helped me. Of course, it has only been working right for three days so we will see how it handles after time. Hang in there.

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                        I am saying that when my phone shuts off by itself. When it turns on the screen looks like it was hard-reset. Saying Welcome to andoid do you have a google account?  blah blah all my apps are gone, all my contacts have to be restored. Its just like it has been hard rest and wiped clean 

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                          Yeah, that sounds like the Factory Reset that I did. That has got to be frustrating. Hope you can get resolved. Sorry I can't help any further.