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    dropped calls

      I have been with T-Mobile for over 10 years. I've always been very happy with their service and their ability to address my concerns. This September I opted to "upgrade" my phone and after answering the customer service rep's questions, she talked me into the My Touch. I have never had issues with a phone the way I do with this one.


      1. Dropped Calls. It constantly drops calls. I live in Maine, and I understand that service can be spotty in areas. That's part of living in Maine. But I live in the biggest city in Maine. My phone will show full bars 4G network, and it will randomly drop calls. Recently I was driving to Boston. My phone dropped a phone conversation 4 times during this conversation. It was so inconvenient. At least it was a friend and not a business call, but it is jut unacceptable. While in Boston, working to get my mom out of the hospital there, my phone would consistently drop calls the entire time. Family members were trying to call me for updates, and I would have to call them back several times just to complete the call. Yesterday, when I got home to no heat and hot water, I had to call a plumber in. I tried 4 times to place a call before I finally restarted the phone to make the call. I spend so much of my life trouble-shooting this phone that its barely worth calling it a phone.


      2. Over heating. What is this about? If I'm using the GPS option or the Mobile Tethering/Hot Spot option, the phone becomes very hot to touch. Its hot on my hand, let alone my face if I have to use it to, heaven-forbid, as a phone.


      3. Touch Screen. When on the phone, not moving, not changing the position of the phone on my head at all, the phone will all of sudden make the touch screen accessible. I thought the touch screen was supposed to stay black while up against the face. Mine won't. A call will all of a sudden be placed on Mute. And given the history of dropped calls, the person on the other line will hang up before I can correct the mute (because something has usually frozen at this time as well) because they think the call was dropped. It will also place people on speaker phone which is inconvient, but at least the person on the other line can still hear me while I fix what has happened.


      Solutions I've tried:


      1. I've called and went through trouble shooting with a tech.

      2. Gone to the nearest t-mobile store with the phone and asked for help

      3. Been sent a factory warranty replacement phone only to experience the exact same issues.

      4. Called and asked for any other phone to be sent to me, ANY, and t-mobile will not do so.



      At this point, the only thing I can think to do is wait out my contract with T-Mobile. Possibly purchase a new phone out of pocket and get it on my T-Mobile plan. Drop T-Mobile as soon as my contract will allow. And tell everyone who will listen just how horrible the service has been, how crappy of a product the My Touch is, and discourage anyone who wants to go with T-Mobile when the iPhone products and Verizon seem more user friendly and more focused on keeping its customers happy.


      If T-Mobile would like to help me with any of this, I welcome the help.


      I'm asking the rest of you if you have any other ideas you think I could try?