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    Text Message "Get media content now"

      HI - Got a text message from a friend which says "no subject" then just displays an underlined link "Get Media Content Now".  When i activate the link the message changes to "Getting media content..." for 10-15 seconds, then makes a tone that seems to indicate "I'm done" and then goes back to displaying the original "Get Media Content Now" message.  But nothing ever displays or plays.  I'm guessing it's maybe a voice or video attachment that would play, but can't tell.  Is that content now hiding somewhere on my phone, maybe?  Any ideas?


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          Hey kswincali,


          There are some forums out there that say getting into the engineering menu will help resolve the issue on a Windows HTC phone.  This is not supported by T-Mobile.  We have noticed that id you are getting this message, it means someone is sending you an mms message.  The best bet would be to Master reset the device and also make sure you have a valid data package on your account.


          Thanks so much



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            A master reset is always their typical response. I tried it. It didn't work. They blamed it on the fact I blocked data. A LIE! Data IS NOT REQUIRED! MMS Text messages of the same type could be received under the same SIM on another phone. I even ended up adding unlimited data. It didn't help. It's a T-Mobile/HTC bug they never fixed. I noticed after 6 months of phone calls with no resolution to T-Mobile Engineering and HTC that the problem resolved itself in poor signal areas. IRONIC! My solution: Go to Settings, Cellular, set it to E under Highest Data Connection, instead of 3G. Leave it there and I can receive the message. Switch back when done and it should be good for a few weeks. IGNORE ENGINEERING! THEY COULDN'T FIGURE THIS OUT LET ALONE FIND A REAL SOLUTION! By the way this should be listed as the "Correct Answer".