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Nokia Lumia 810 Wi-Fi calling

Why does the Nokia Lumia 810 not have wi-fi calling?  Without speculating, is this something that can/will be added in the future? 

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    Hey jab,


    We cant give any details on it being released in a future Maintenance release.



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    I'm not sure why this is now marked as being a "helpful answer" and "assumed answered."  My clear and concise questions were avoided and replaced with "hope," an attempt to show the benefit of the service that I'm inquiring about (which is obvious that I'm already aware of), and then followed up with two diversionary questions that have nothing to do with my questions.  Good customer service would consist of answering my questions directly and with correct spelling.  If escalating questions to a group that does have the answers is not possible, a simple "we do not know" would be much more useful. At the moment I'm writing this, it appears as though this question has 363 views, meaning that this is a question that is of interest to other people as well.  Please help us out with some more direct information.

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    Agreed.  I am shopping for a new phone.  My current Moto Defy with wifi-calling (Kineto version) has served well but wifi-calling is a must for me because of poor reception at home and my need to use the phone abroad.  Was looking at the G3 and read nothing but terrible issues (and not just on the G3) with the new wifi-calling version based on IMS.  Over 23K views on the G3 wifi-calling thread alone.  Potentially, wifi-calling, makes T-Mo have the best cellular reception in the US.  So, this is not a trivial question. 

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    So far that thread is mostly bickering from just a few people that have problems and other people watching the drama.

    Only real trouble with it is off you go international Ims don't work as well and if you are using it on a large corporate wifi that uses captive login.

    Any personal network or one with normal wireless security will work fine for wifi calling.

    I have had the gs3 since it came out and 5 of my friends picked it up too and none of us had problems with it on that phone.

    The HTC one s b on the other hand had issues that you need to tinker settings with too get it reliable.

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    The 3rd post (my reply) is going to be confusing without context - the mod edited his original post without alluding to it.  The original reply to my question was exactly as follows (retained grammatical and format errors):


    Hey jab,


    I really hope soas it is a great feature for those who live an area where signal is not great.  We will definately keep you updated.  Have you got the device yet?  Thoughts besides the wifi calling?



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    Oh yeah, real helpful.  I sent an email to Movial asking if they are going to make wifi-calling avail on Lumia.  Movial makes the IMS software/product.  Hopefully I'll hear back and, if so, will share. 

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    scrannel: please let us know as soon as you hear anything! Thanks.

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    i guess it is safe to assume no one has heard anything regarding the wifi calling option being added to the windows platform?  i currently have the 810 (just upgraded so i have about 10 days left to return it) and I'm hoping to hear some type of news within the next couple of days or i will be reversing my upgrade and look to go back to an android....which i hope i dont have to do

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    I would say the chances are slim.  But, if you're going to get a new Android phone running the new IMS version of Wifi-calling you should check out their forums as a lot of people see to be having serious issues with this version.  My choice is go to 810, which I would love to do (but has no wifi-calling), or keep my "old" Moto Defy which runs the Kineto version of wifi-calling which really works.  I was going to get the Samsung G3, but wifi-calling issues put me off. 

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    yea thats the other issue with the androids now....i kno someone who actually returned the S III because of the wifi issues....just randomly would stop working and cut calls off because wifi connection was "lost" or random error messages....im actually hoping this bluetooth i ordered thru amazon does the trick....i have service if i sit by my window so hopefully if i use the bluetooth while the phone is sitting by the window i can actually enjoy my phone because honestly i rather stick with the 810....the 8x was just a little out of my price range but overall i like the windows OS

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    I used to get little to no reception at my house (same for AT&T) but this year I'm suddenly in a decent signal area, so wifi-calling is really only an issue for me now when overseas.  Thus I was considering the 810.  Still am. 

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    I wish I had found this thread before I ordered my lumia 810. I will be receiving it on Firday and if it does not have wifi calling i will be returning. Please post ANY updates if you discover anything before then.

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    I was going through Movial's site and found press releases for their wifi-calling for Android and iPhone (apparently being developed?).  But that was all.  And, still have not heard back.  If anyone wants to try a couple of different contacts:



    PenVine for Movial
    Ilona Mohacsi, +1 631-764-3729

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    Not to resurrect an old discussion, but according to this thread over on Microsoft's forum, at least one person has been able to contact Tmo and get wifi calling enabled. At the very least it sounds like they have been beta testing and may be releasing it soon.


    I would love to know if anyone else tries to contact Tmo and has success!


    I'm posting this in the revelant thread on the 8x forums as well. Gotta spread the (possible) news.

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