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    Setting up Gmail on iphone 5

      I'm unable to set up my gmail on the iPhone. I've followed the instructions on the Google website but still get prompted that my password is incorrect. I thne followed the troubleshooting guide (logged onto my gmail account) but still getting the prompt.


      I check my Safari cookie settings and they are fine so I'm at a loss as to how to fix it. Anyone else encountered this and figured out how to do it?

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          Hey mjd55,


          log in to gmail from the web and disable your step two verification. Once you did that, set up gmail and it should work on your iphone 5.


          Settings > Accounts and import > Other Google Account Settings




          I hope this helps



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            thanks Drew - i checked and it was already turned off so its something else...

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              Are you setting up GMail using the GMail option on your iPhone or the Exchange option (which I would suggest you use because using the preset settings for GMail doesn't support push mail)? If the latter, remember that your username has to be the full address.

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                I'm using the Exchange option and entering the full email address. Even Google recommends setting it up using Exchange. Is there an advantage to this - seems weird that the Gmail option is being treated as a redundancy.

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                  The reason is because of something incredibly annoying and stupid that Apple has done...or rather, hasn't done. The IMAP email protocol supports push mail through IMAP Push, which lets you get notified of mail as soon as it arrives in your inbox. GMail supports this, as you can see if you use Mail on your Mac desktop or laptop, or Outlook on your Windows desktop or laptop.


                  The problem is that, while the Mail.app in OS X supports IMAP Push, Mail.app in iOS doesn't*. When you setup GMail through the GMail setup option, it's using IMAP, so your phone has to check into the server; the smallest interval is 15 minutes.

                  (/end rant)


                  Back to trying to help you figure this out: this one is kind of puzzling, because there just aren't that many fields to enter. Presumably you have the right server address or you wouldn't have even gotten an "incorrect password" response. I can only think of two other issues off the top of my head...


                  1) Do you have auto-capitalization turned on? iOS shouldn't have the Shift key activated in password fields, but I've had it bug out on me occasionally.

                  2) Is this a personal GMail account (i.e., an email address that ends in @gmail.com), or a Google Apps account through your university or the company you work for?




                  *In fact, what's even dumber is that Mail.app does support IMAP Push... but only for Yahoo Mail, not for GMail nor for Hotmail.

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                    This is a personal account and caps lock is not on.


                    I think that the fact that the smallest push interval being 15 mins is the problem. When you log onto gmail to verify your account


                    If you have not, you may simply have to re-verify via the web by either (a) successfully signing in and out of your account using a web browser, or (b) unlocking the Captcha - see how to do that here: http://support.google.com/mail/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=78754


                    it only gives you 10 mins to retry but the verification won't have pushed over within those 10 mins - catch22.

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                      I went over to the Apple discussion forums, and one person who had a similar issue came up with an unusual solution that worked for him: turn ON 2-step verification (you'll need to download the Google Authenticator app), and then generate an application-specific password for your iPhone. Once/If that works, you can turn off 2-step verification again.

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                        Were you still having an issue?  Have you tried to talk to Apple support?



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                          I've been sick and haven't been able to try again yet and won't have time until the weekend.


                          I have a couple of things I want to try based on what's been suggested here and in Google support. It's very frustrating to say the least.

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                            Finally got it to work by turning ON 2 step verification and generating an application specific password and entering that on the iPhone.


                            Thanks for all the help, input and suggestions. Now I just have to back the phone up before I change anything....!!

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                              Glad to hear that worked for you!


                              It's a really strange thing to have to do, and it doesn't explain why you had this problem in the first place, but I guess it's one of those things we'll just have to overlook. On the other hand, the 2-step authentication is nice to have when you're traveling, since you can never be too sure about how safe Internet cafes are. If you have it turned on, don't forget to print out some backup codes and keep it tucked away in a safe place!

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                                Agreed - a very strange experience and given the number of variations on this fix (including one that said to turn off 2 step verification and another that said to turn it on), Apple & Google could clearly have done a better job of it.


                                In the process of researching a fix, I came across this article about Mat Honan which convinced me that 2 step verification is a good thing so at least I got something out of the hassle I went through.