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    mytouch 4g slide

      My mytouch 4g slide keeps on restarting randomly after exiting from a program.  I already did the basic troubleshooting, including restoring factory setting.  I already contacted Tmobile and Tmobile is sending me a replacement which is the same mytouch 4g twice and they are sending me another mytouch 4g today. Three in total.  Tmobile said it is just a software upgrade, which they don't have yet. So Tmobile would rather keep on spending to ship the same phone to me.  And I'm just going to have to keep on calling on this issue.  Does anyone have any other ideas on getting a fix or a next level person that can help? The rep and her supervisor were of no help.  All I keep getting is I undestand and they can't do anything else.

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          It isn't the phone resetting, its the htc launcher SenseUI loading itself back into RAM.  Download a different smaller launcher.  A new phone isn't going to fix it, and TMob is sitting on so many of these phones your very unlikely to see a different model from a warrenty replacement issue.  There is also next to no chance of a software update coming out for this phone, ever again.  So, get a new launcher, buy a new phone, or live with the UI resetting.

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            thanks Gusgus.  where can I download a smaller launcher? any links of where and how I can do this?

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              thanks Gusgus.  where can I download a smaller launcher? any links of where and how I can do this?

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                There's plenty of free options in the google play (app) store, you'll get better reviews there than I could offer...

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                  sounds like you have some sort of application or saved to google setting that's acting wacky,  I have not seen as problem like you describe on any of my families three MT4GS phones.


                  when you get your new one, you might try setting it up under a new gmail account, and carefully install just a few of your favorite things. and see when the problem crops back up.

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                    If you haven't seen this problem, you either already run a different launcher than HTC Sense, or you use your phone(s) differently than most people.  Tmobile and HTC have been very clear on this issue, the half GB of useable memory (after the 256K are reserved for dedicated video) are not suffecient to ensure that the Sense launcher stays in memory while using large memory aplications.  The way Android memory managment works in the newer versions of the OS is it always tries to keep memory full with applications, to allow faster swapping and app start up.  The Sense UI is large and therefore recieves a priority to be bumped out, taking you desktop out of memory with it to make room.  Therefore when you return to the desktop, Sense UI needs to reload, showing you the white and green logo, and then a loading dialog as your desktop reloads.  It isn't a restart of the phone, just the launcher.  You can mitigate this by using the long press of home to swap between recently used applications instead of exiting to the home screens between, but the fact remains, TMob and HTC have both announced they are aware of the problem, and there is little they can, or will, do to resolve it.  The phone is underpowered at only 3/4GB of RAM, and that's just that.

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                      Well 2 of ours are rooted, running the bulletproof rom (which uses sense and the stock camera app)  never run into that. but i was able to remove alot of bloat, so that may have helped.    but the 3rd phone we do very occasioanly see the reload if its not been rebooted in a long time.

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                        Yeah, the bloatware is the problem, most the TMob propriatary apps are marked as system apps, and therefore they always try to remain in memory.  They take up about 49% of the available memory when they are all running, tmob mall, zipwiz, slacker, media room, backup, device carbon... Removing them fixes the issue.  Some or most of them seem to contain memory leaks, which is why if you don't reboot about every 3 days, you see the sense reloading issue more and more often.