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    Not registered on Network....

      I am getting the error: Not registered on Network when trying to make calls. Incoming calls may go directly to voice mail. If it does ring, when I answer callers may not hear me or I may not be able to hear them. Sometimes I cannot answer the incoming call it will ring for long time and may show conference call. I have a MyTouch 4G by LG. I have recently switched from Tmobile prepaid to a Business account.


      Currently customer service is in the process of sending me the second replacement phone. The sim card has been replaced, twice. I don’t have optimism. 


      I have been a happy Tmobile for years, even had family and friends sign up. However I would not be happy with this level of service at any cost, even free. A cell phone that doesn’t get calls or let you call out is useless. Do I need my prepaid plan back, or a phone that can work on the business network? I am assuming that the network is different because when I switched they had to replace the sim card in my phone in even though it had a new current sim card.


      Any ideas on what can be done to correct these concerns or what is causing them? I am also curious on why I am having theses issue since I switch the business account and not when I was on pre-paid, same phone, same area, Central Florida area.