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    My Lumia 710 Will Not Turn On

      After charging my Lumia overnight, the phone will not turn on.  It hums briefly then nothing.  The screen remains black.  I have tried taking out the battery and wiping the terminals, but to no avail.  The phone is nine months old.  I am now without a phone.

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          Try plugging your phone into a computer with a data cable to see if that will jump start it. If it does leave it plugged into the computer for a while to add some more charge to the battery. After a while unplug from the computer, leave the phone on and then plug it into the wall charger for continued charging.

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            Tried that already.  Still does not work.  I will go with an iphone next time.  The Nokia Lumia has been a pain since week 1. Thanks anyway.

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              Hey Icyboo,


              I am sorry to hear about the Lumia not powering on.  I would follow this Doc Cannot turn on or charge device: Windows Phone which ultimately would result in a possible exchange under warranty.


              Thanks so much



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                Thanks.  I have already taken it to the T Mobile store.  The phone was still under warranty so Nokia is sending me a new phone.  Meanwhile, I am using my old reliable cell phone.

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                  I am having the same problem with my phone, this is the thrid device, and I just got it at the end of November, I don't want this phone anymore. First was told that I broke the port, then the second time again the port was broke, but someone looked at it and said it was the board inside the phone and not the port. It doesnt charge, it just buzzes like it wants to come on. I am so upset, I just took Christmas pictures, they will be lost, my numbers are in my phone. I just paid $90 to have the phone replaced. I am not paying another $90. VERY UPSET CUSTOMER

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                    It sounds like your battery is low. Try connecting it to a computer, this sometimes will jump start your phone. Leave it plugged in to your computer for a while until the phone starts up, then plug it into a wall charger.

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                      If you were referring to me, my batter was low, I did plug it in with my Nokia Charger and it never turned on it comepletely died. I want to know what can be done. I don't want another Windows phone.

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                        When a Windows phone battery gets low, the phone shuts off and it is very hard to get them to turn on again. That is why I suggested that you connect it to a computer. The wall chargers won't charge a near death windows phone. Only a computer seems to work. At least that is my experience.

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                          Well I will try that but I see it as inconvience, what if I don't have a computer,the computer I am using is my work computer. My computer is my phone, thats why I got this phone. If I take it to the store can they do that there for me? I don't have my charger with me ugh this is frustrating

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                            At the store they might be able to take care of it, I just don't know how long it would take them. A car charger would help after the store jump starts your phone.

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                              I just had the same thing (exactly) happen to me.. charged all nite.. after five off the charger it goes black and doesn't come on again...(9 months old) ... After already going to mt T-Mobile Store and ordering a replacement, I hfound out that my reorder might have been avoided by simply investing in a universal battery charger (capatible with Nokia Lumia 710) to fully recharge the battery. The issue is not with the phone itself, it is this particular faulty series of batteries (Nokia BP-3L 3.7v) that die randomly but can be fully recharged by non-Nokia exclusive chargers that can tap directly into 2:3 or all 3 battery unit ports (at bottom of battery)


                              I hope this is helpful.. I understand this has worked for many people, but not all.

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                                good to know where would i get this chrger ?

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                                  What i have found with the 710 is DO NOT let the 710 go completely flat if you can avoid it as there a pain to bring back from the dead.


                                  If it's dead follow this:

                                  step 1 unplug phone from charger

                                  step 2 remove back and take out battery for about 1 min then put back in

                                  step 3 plug via pc usb into phone do not touch phone, leave for 2 minutes

                                  step 4 unplug charger, it should vibrate then the screen should flash slightly then go black

                                  step 5 plug charger straight back in

                                  Now the battery icon should appear and it is charging, wait for it to turn on then you can charge it again with the wall charger