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    usb drivers

      I'm trying to learn Android programming using the Eclipse IDE and Google's Android SDK. I have everything working in the Android emulator but the Android SDK can't detect the G2 when it's connected with a USB cable. Here are some relevant settings on the G2:

      USB Debugging - On

      USB Storage - On (I CAN transfer files to/from my computer)

      Application Settings | Unknown Sources - On (required for Eclipse)


      My computer is running Windows XP (I know; I'm planning to upgrade it real soon now).


      Any suggestions would be welcome.

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          Yesterday I had to downgraded from the leaked 2.3.3 version to install the 2.3.4 update. I used this guide to Instal ADB/SDK and then intalled the drivers by downloading HTC Sync from their website. Didnt use PDAnet for the drivers, like the video suggested. Hope this helps.


          http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bg-cGTZE2XI  <--- ADB/SDK Guide


          http://http://www.htc.com/www/help/htc-sensation/#download  <---- HTC Sync (HTC Phone Drivers) works with G2

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            Thanks for the tip.  I downloaded and installed HTC Sync according to their instructions but:

            1. I never got the HTC Sync request on the G2, and

            2. HTC Sync on my PC never even detected the G2 phone


            I may have mis-categorized this thread as the USB connection is working (I can transfer files) but the SDK's platform-tools\adb devices doesn't display anything.

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              HTC Sync will not detect your phonce since its vanilla android, htc sync requires sense. The only reason you need to install HTC Sync is for the drivers so that adb can detect your phone. Also when you have your phone connected to the pc via usb you dont neet to enable usb storage, just have USD Debugging checked and Unknown sources. Did you unzip the android sdk to your C:/ drive.


              When i was installing SDK i made a mistake and extracted the SDK into two folders. I had a folder named Android and inside that folder i had the Android SDK folder, and my phone was never detected. Take another look at this youtube video ADB Install http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bg-cGTZE2XI, i used the video as a guide and thats how i set up ADB/SDK.

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                I've tried HTC Sync a number of times before but this time, I installed only the drivers - not HTC Sync (thanks to you), rebooted the computer (which I probably forgot before) and it worked.  Thank you, thank you, thank you - this has been two days of frustration.


                My Android SDK was unzipped to an \Android\SDK folder - thankfully it's all there.


                Thanks again.

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                  Well, the Android SDK recognizes the phone when called from the OS but Eclipse still doesn't recognize it. Is there someplace where I need to add a setting of some sort?

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                    Im not familiar with Eclipse IDE. I used Android SDK/ADB, i downloaded the version that was provided in the youtube video i mentioned above. Just click on description for the download link. The version in the video is older, but thats what i used and downgraded from 2.3.3 leak to install 2.3.4