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    Firewall configuration - WiFi calling

      My Wifi calling works very well at home. At work, my calls are connected, but there is no audio. We ran a firewall log for my phone's IP, and found that it was opening the correct ports for the SIP portion of the call, but the RTP part is not getting through our firewall. It is trying to open ports in the 58,800 to 58,900 range, which I believe are universally blocked by our firewall. The normal port range for VoIP is in the 10,000 - 20,000.


      Has anyone figured out how to get the Kineto\T-Mobile WiFi calling app to work on a network that is behind an enterprise firewall? Is there a range of ports that we could specify for use in with WiFi calls?

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          You are not alone with this issue... I'm having intermittent issues on my home network just like you are at work. Sometimes I can answer and incoming call and all is well but 9 out of 10 times I get no audio on either end. Also, making calls never make the dialing sound and never connect... This is a reasonably serious issue that I hope gets resolved soon.

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            Thanks for the info.

            It explains why i can at home but having issues when i am at work!

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              This is also a problem for me when using wifi calling at home. Seems like others are also having this problem - you pick up the phone you can hear the other person but they cant hear you. Even toggling mute doesnt help. If you hang up and try the call again or turn off wifi calling it seems to fix it.

              Hopefully tmo gets it fixed soon its really annoying.

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                Ironically my LG G2X which has been one of the worst phones I have ever had the misfortune to own never had a single problem with WiFi calling... go figure...

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                  Make sure if you have QoS settings to make sure you turn it on for higher priority.

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                    I have the same kind of problem, i live in MIAMI, in the area that i live only AT&T and Verizon get signal.  I had a note with REDPOCKET like AT&T, and over the weekend i switch to TMOBILE they told me that with the NOTE 2 it has wifi-calling so i dont have to worry about signal.. well that is not the case. I have my wireless router with cable internet full signal great strength, my wifi works find i can use the phone and all the apps, but the wifi -calling feature is acting up.  MOst of the time when stop getting the erroer code REG99 or REg04 and it does connected, then wifi icon is on and i get most calls however i can not make any calls out not even 911. i can only call those who are on my family plan. at time it even saids "the number your trying to reach is unable at this time please check the number and try again" como on i cant even dial 611....... I have called TechSupport about 4 times and been with diffrent tech support they have  no answer they make me do some steps and of course it works but after 30min or so we are back to square one. it is supper fustrating i think i am going to have to cancle my contract and got with AT&T if they dont fix this problem.  THey told me that i have to have somekind of signal so that my phone register to The TMOBILE tower and than i can wifi, thats not ture. i never had this problem before with Blackberry. such an expensive phone and nice service plan, but no service. it sad many people have this problem, if they can atleast admit they are haveing problems than maybe i see hope but they say this souldnt happen so you feel like you are the only one.

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                      Does T-Mobile WiFi calling now use SIP? 


                      Which handsets?

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                        Apparently the new WiFi calling is SIP.




                        SIP randomly assigns ports for audio streams from a very large pool.  Sip also frequently has problems with NAT.  If the call is established by the handset the server probably assigns 2 audio streams and may not know the handset is NATed.    

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                          I know this has nothing to do with the topic but could not help myself.  I had an LG G2X as well and that phone was such a piece of trash that having WIFI calling work did not help it at all