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    Hidden Sender Address - HELP!!

      Hi All........I have a SMS/MMS text (not sure which) that says its from a "Hidden Sender Address" and everytime I go to open it from my notifications screen it just opens to a compose new message screen. I've been googling this for the last few hours and see that there alot of other that experience the same thing. Does anyone know how to get rid of it? I don't care if it means deleting unread texts, I just want it gone. So annoying. Ready to throw my phone out of my high rise building.



      PS....I have the Galaxy S 4G

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          I get bunches of these as well and would like to know what the heck...  I can't think of a good reason for messages to be passed on that have no text and no from address.  I don't need the several a week that come my way.  It would be very annoying to be billed for them.


          They show on the Messaging list as 'Anonymous', and when Anonymous is selected there are a list of "Hidden sender address:"  followed by nothing else.  No text.  No Title.  The time/date of when it was received is the only other thing on the display.

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            Hello there,

            I was having the same issue on my Galaxy Blaze 4G, I found the problem on my case I use chompSMS app for messaging and after I turn off the Auto-retrieve on the actual app the problem was solved. Just leave the build in message app to take care of the Auto-retrieve.