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    Samsung Gravity TXT keeps restarting itself

      I have a Samsung Gravity TXT.  The battery died over the week I had no access to power, and now that it's charged up again, it keeps restarting itself every 10-20 minutes.  Sometimes it doesn't even restart, it just turns itself off.  Most of the time, I'm not even doing anything with it/using it when this happens, it's just sitting on my desk and I see the turn off or turn on screen flash as it restarts again.   Yesterday it did the same thing while I was trying to text someone, and another time while I was trying to set an alarm. 


      Does anyone know why the phone is doing this? Is it a daylight savings glitch, a battery issue, or what? Should I just get it replaced? I can't really afford to buy a new phone right now, and in the aftermath of the hurricane and a nor'easter on the way, I can't afford for my phone to be glitching out either.