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    Activate Verizon iPhone 5 with TMobile

      I just received my iPhone 5 today and would like to activate it with my tmobile nano sim card. My good friend is actually letting me using his upgrade eligibility to buy iPhone 5 at $199. Now my problem is when I tried to activate the phone with my Tmobile registered nano sim, will it activate my friend's verizon number on the iPhone since it is showing his number on the activation confirmation screen. I took the verizon nano sim card out so I'm not sure now. Help.

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          Try restoring the iPhone in itunes.  Verizon phones should be GSM unlocked and you should be able to just pop in another SIM and it should work.  Try restarting the phone as well.

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            Thansk for the reply, unclespoon! I'm restoring with iTunes now using recovery method. Let see if it will work.

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              Hey Jhendra83,


              Did it work for ya?



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                It didn't work. The confirmation number still under my friend's verizon number. I'm afraid if I confirm it his number would transfer to the iphone. Other ideas?

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                  I just did the same thing recently. (Used a family member's upgrade on Verizon to switch to T-Mobile.) I don't believe there was any problem with the device activation, it never got tied to the Verizon account and I have only ever used the T-Mobile SIM in the device. You should be fine.

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                    It's working now! Mechdre was right. Althought the phoen asked me for my friend's number confirmation his number would not transfer to the phone. It's up with T-Mobile now. Thanks, guys....

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                      Hi Mechdrew,

                      My iphone 5 is being delivered on Wednesday. I purchased it from the Verizon website with a no-commitment plan (full price). I wanted to have the option of using GSM now and Verizon (maybe) in the future - wanted to hedge my bets since Verizon works much better at my vacation home.


                      Anyway... my question is: did you put the tmo sim card in before you powered it up for the first time? Did you have to enter any codes that Verizon supplied with the phone before it would work? I'm currently using a 3GS and plan to either trade the sim or just cut it down myself.


                      Thank you.

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                        I turned on the phone with the Verizon SIM card still in, once I got through the initial setup I switched. Mind you, I never actually activated the phone on the Verizon account (you have to dial a number to do that), I just swapped the SIMs. A Verizon representative actually do me this was okay and wouldn't cause any problems, and so far they have been right.


                        So I guess the point is, as long as you do not call up Verizon to activate the phone, there will be no changes to the Verizon account and you can go on your merry way with the iPhone 5 on T-Mobile.

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                          Thank you! I will do exactly as you said.

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                            I received my iphone 5 today from Verizon. I ordered it several weeks ago and paid full price.


                            I did the setup as Mechdrew said and everything went well. I backed up my current iphone to itunes. Then after I got through the initial setup, I put in the TMO sim and did a restore from itunes rather than the new phone setup. I immediately had my contacts and my email accounts all set up.


                            The only annoyance was that my local corporate T-Mobile store charged me $10 for the sim. I have read of others who got it free  and one guy who paid $20 but then got a credit from customer service.


                            The phone is seeing 3G about 2 miles from my house in Roswell, GA. They have been refarming the area and I will hope for 4G one of these days...

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                              an update on my Verizon iphone with Tmo sim.

                              The phone has been working flawlessly and I am very happy.


                              Unfortunately, my happiness was interrupted today when I got an enormous bill from Verizon. I never actiated the phone on Verizon, and paid full price for it. When I ordered it, I used the monthly plan selection (you must select a plan), but removed the Verizon sim after I got the phone and thought I was home free.


                              The bill looks like it is for a contract plan - with activation fees and all kinds of taxes that you don't get with month-to-month plans. I guess I have to call them in the morning.



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                                hey guys


                                im trying to do the same...


                                i ordered the verizon iphone 5 with 2 yr contract, but want to cancel contract and use tmobile sim

                                but the only problem is that i DONT want to activate my verizon account so i dont get billed for the plan

                                so i thought that when the iphone arrives, before turning it on i will take out the verizon sim and place a tmobile sim and activate it with tmobile

                                than after 14 days call and cancel plan with verizon and pay early termination fee of $350 and keep the iphone


                                this way i dont have to pay activation fee nor monthly plan fee for the 2 weeks with verizon...since i never activated my plan


                                its also cheaper this way....$199 for iphone + $350 for termination = $549!!   while retail is $649


                                am i correct or not??

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                                  That is supposed to work. I don't know how much flack they will give you. I will post after I call them this morning. I did not sign any contract and am not supposed to have any obligation at all. I was really surprised to get this bill since it includes an activation fee and $10 worth of taxes. All other vendors do not have taxes on monthly plans. And they also do not have activation fees!

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                                    I called Verizon and was able to get them to cancel the account and credit the charges. Or, at least they promised that they were cancelling all charges. They will send me another statement showing the credits.

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