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T-Mobile actually throttling new Unlimited data plans? Monthly 4G speeds much faster on my S2

Hey everyone, new here and new to T-Mobile postpaid, coming from a monthly 4G account. Interesting and quite strange issue here: I have a T-Mobile Galaxy S2, and 2 SIM cards; one with Monthly 4G service, as well as another on a postpaid line. I have the new unlimited data plan on the postpaid line, and 5GB 4G data on the prepaid line.


My data speeds are consistantly 2-3 times SLOWER when I put the postpaid SIM card in the Galaxy S2, I'm seeing it hold steady right around 5 Mbps with a 150ms ping. Multiple speedtests on multiple servers.


On the monthly 4G SIM, I am seeing 18-21 Mbps consistantly, with occasional peaks to 25 Mbps, 70 ms ping.


I decided to get a postpaid account due to being very impressed with the data connection, however, for whatever reason, it is much worse with the postpaid SIM in the same device. I have verified I am conected to HSPA+ with both SIM cards, and ran through "everything" that technical support can do.


Any thoughts to resolve this, or am I better off canceling the line within the 14 day buyers remorse period?


Another little oddball: The SIM card I activated on monthly 4G service is supposedly not a 4G SIM, according to T-Mobile. It came with a 19.99 Nokia 1616 I bought a few years ago as a temporary device, and I never activated it until a couple months ago, when I called to activate monthly 4G service, and asked her if she could activate it on an existing SIM card I had laying around. It is an old "9073 non GBA SIM card" that does not support wifi calling, but the 4G speeds are great.

Thanks for any input on this confusing situation!