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    Cannot access PlayStore : 'Background Data Disabled' message

      I have been having problem accessing the Appstore on my Samsung Galaxy SIII.


      When I access Play Store, I get the message "Background Data Disabled : Google Play Store Needs background data to be Enabled." I have two options and it says Quit and Enable, so I choose Enable and I get redirected to the Accounts and Sync. I pick my gmail account, nothing happens after that.


      The same cycle repeats every time I access play store.


      I called TMobile with this issue and after working with them for more than an hour, twice on two days - which involved unchecking and checking various options in Mobile Networks  "Use Packet Data" and "Data Roaming", taking battery off and rebooting etc. it seemed to work for a while. Not for long though. It was back again to its old state soon thereafter.


      Does this sound like a problem with android or with TMobile service ? Has anyone else had this problem ? I saw one other thread on android forums related to this, but no solution. I am sure there are others having this problem too.


      Any help would be appreciated.