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    Samsung Galaxy S II problems

      My dad bought a Galaxy S II, I got a Galaxy S and my brother got a Samsung Exhibit. So far we have had nothing but problems. Maybe yall can tell me if these are normal dealings with these types of phones.


      First off, for the first day we couldn't text, everytime we tried to text it would say it failed, we put in a call to tmobile and the lady took all of us off of the tmobile towers and put us back on. That seemed to work, but that's not our only problem.


      My dad can hardly even hear his phone (Galaxy S II), he has to use speaker phone just to be able to hear the person on the other end of the line. everytime he calls on of us we have to say "hello hello HELLO" repeatedly until he can hear us. His phone hardly has any signal bars in places where I KNOW there is signal. The speed of the Internet and other app downloads is slow also. (We have unlimited Internet and data if that makes a difference). He bought this phone so that he could take credit cards for his business, if this phone is acting this way now, will the card machine make it worse?


      My phone (Galaxy S) is very slow with the Internet also. And, everytime I try to get on it takes FOREVER to load. When I make calls it echoes badly. I can't make any calls or texts while it's on WiFi either.


      My brothers phone (the Exhibit) seems to be the best out of all three it loads pretty quickly and he has no problems making calls or texting. But, earlier this evening his phone froze and wouldn't do anything. He had to take the battery out and restart it.


      These are all brand new phones, we have never had androids before but is this something we should be concerned about? Or is it T-mobiles service?


      Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

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          Tmobile presently is refarming their network. I have the same issue ,my phone failed to received calls and text while I am in New York city where I work. But no single issue in New Jersery where I live. My data is lightning speed in New Jersey but 3g or Edge in New York. Try to contact t-mobile , they might have issue on the tower near your place. Try to change the sim card. For GS2 ,unable to hear the call, or with echo. Do a soft reset>turn off the phone> pull out the battery for a minute>put it back then turn it on.

          Good Luck