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    Star Galaxy i9220 Dual SIM Quad Band Phone

      I am having trouble with this phone and a T-Mo USA SIM CARD.


      Works fine when roaming in Portugal and Germany, but cannot connect, even for voice, when I am back home in USA.


      Same phone, same T-MO USA SIM Card doesn't work in USA.


      Same SIM Card works fine in another Motorola ATRIX phone in USA.


      When in that ATRIX phone, under settings, and APN Settings, I cannot edit the APN settings...they are greyed out...and there is a "locked" icon next to the T-MO APN name..


      Does it mean that the SIM Card needs to be unlocked for use on another phone in USA ?


      But then, why does the same SIM Card and same phone work OK while roaming in Europe ?


      Also, when in the i9220 phone (when it doesn't work in USA), the SIM Card shows a "x" icon next to it..see pics below:






      Any help will be most appreciated...Thanks