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    samsung GS III freezes

      Hi all,


      I have been using GS 3 for last 3 weeks, I am observing that the phone is freezing/struck when i am watching an video or playing games. this is present for other apps as well, as they close all of a sudden.


      is anyone else facing the same issue? I did factory reset as well, but that did not solve the problem.

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          Do you use lots of apps during the day? How often do you long press on the home button and tap "remove all" effectively stopping all running programs? Also, you should restart (long press the power button for the option) your phone once a day (recommended). Hope this helps. 

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            thanks for your reply.  i use apps moderately, mostly use the phone for music and mails.

            I do long press and kills all the running apps several times a day (espicially since i ma having this issue).

            also some times the apps crashes/i get blank screen for several secords before reviving, i have also done a factory reset and updated all once.


            Not sure if this problem is isolated to my handset.


            only thing  i need to try is restart phone every day (currently i do once every 2-3 days). i check if that helps.


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              ALSO, have you tried clearing the cache? Power button long press> turn phone off> wait 1 min.  Hold down the power button AND the up & down volume rocker switch (both sides) until the phone vibrates> let go of power button only continuing to hold down both sides of the volume rocker switch until the android with his tummy open appears with a list of (I believe) 4 choices appears> let go of the rocker switch> now, using the rocker switch scroll down to highlight "wipe cache partition" >press the power button to select to wipe (no info will be lost). When it says it is finished > press the power button to select reboot system.  Let the phone reboot. Hope this helps.

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                I would highly recommend you download AppBrain Ad Dectector. Run it and this way you can see if an rouge app is causing problems. 

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                  I tried wipe cache partition and AppBrain Ad detector. i could fine any improvement/any problems. i called tmo support last night and explainned my issues. they were kind enough to send me a replacement one. hope this one is better . thanks for your advices sweetpeach and animaleyezz