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    SGH-T989D vs SGH-T989

      I live in Canada half time and the US half time.  In Canada I use Telus and while I'm in the USA I use T-Mobile.  I'd like to get one phone that works on both networks.  Telus sells the Samsung SII SGH-T989D but T-Mobile sells the SGH-T989 (no D).


      Assuming I can get the Telus phone unlocked, will it work on T-Mobile?  Full internet speed and all?


      Thanks for your help!



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          Galaxy S2 (Telus) used this frequency  GSM: 850MHz / 900MHz / 1800MHz / 1900MHz                      

          UMTS: Band I (2100MHz) / Band II (1900MHz) / Band IV (AWS) / Band V (850MHz) 


          Galaxy S2 (T-mobile) frequency:1900 MHz UMTS/HSPA/HSPA  Class 3g/4g , this phone used qualcomm chips, while AT&T and International version used Exynos chip


          It might work? Try to contact T- Mobile Customer Service

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            Hehe. Thanks for your reply. Spoken like somebody who's never called an 800 number in his life! Of course that was my first step and yes I called both Telus and T-Mobile. The calls went like this:


            "Hello. My name is John. I am please to be of helping to you today. How 'bout our local team? Did they not cause much humiliation to the enemy at the sporting venue recently? How may I be of disservice?"


            And it was all down hill from there.


            But thanks anyway.

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              They're different bands.  So, most likely not.


              Well, the voice will work.  Just not full speeds.

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                Yes, it will work. They are essentially the exact same phone. On XDA, the same ROM works for both phones. In fact, my T989 on T-Mobile is using the radio firmware from the Telus T989D. I think the difference is that Telus uses 3G/HSPA+ bands only and does not have Edge/2G, which is not a big deal in most areas.