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    Marketplace error 805ab406

      I cannot download any aps from matketplace. I always get error MAKETPLACE ERROR code 805ab406.

      The same error apears when tryin sign in to Xbox LIVE. I have no problem siging in to XBOX 360 o zune marketplace on PC.

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          Hey andrzej,


          I am sorry you are getting that error!  That would drive me nuts.  What software version of the Lumia are you currently using?  Have you tried to reset the device?


          Let us know



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            I fixed probelm by changing email address on Windows Live ID.

            My email @optonline.net could not be verfied by Microsoft by it worked ok before with Xbox and Zune.

            Once I changed email to @hotmail.com for windows live ID I could verify it on PC.

            Next I had to reset phone, to have only one valid Live ID email for phone.


            Thank you