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Why will TMobile not give me my unlock code?

I've been a loyal customer for over 8 years now and had to recently convert to another service provider due to my job. The existing TMobile service did not work at home and coverage was spotty. Basically I only had solid coverage when at work M-F (10am-3pm). I was paying roughly $140 a month for service, that was only half-way usable. Before porting my numbers and transfering my service to another provider I had requested an unlock code for one phone, that was promptly returned with 24 hours. I then requested an unlock of my second phone (wife's phone) and was told I had to wait 90 days! I've call customer service many times and explained the poor coverage and reason for changing service, each time they submit a request it gets denied. I've tried escalating to management for assistance and have been told they would call me back, only not to recieve a call. I purchased these phones on a 2yr contact in October of 2011, so roughly a year now. Earlier this year (roughly around June) I found out that I was eligble for an employee discount thru work on my TMobile service. Appearantly after adding this discount they reset my 2yr contract. Now the termination fee will be $200 per phone rather than $100 per phone, that employee discount was only a couple dollars per month for 4-5 months. Not to meantion these guys still are jerking me around about getting my second unlock code. Honestly I'm getting really ******! Not only am I paying $449.00 per phone, but these guys are giving me a hard time about a second unluck code. I mean REALLY! After eight years of service and giving you $140 per month for a year on phone with crappy service, then still paying them $449.00 a phone!


Anyhow, I was a former customer and did believe that TMobile had great customer service even if the cellular network was weak. Now it's truely appearant the customer servce/support is also weak. I feel sorry for TMobile, it appears much has changed from the early days. This company is slowly melting away into an insugnificate blob, which will be absorded into the Borg Collective of another carrier.


Subsidized phone price (Oct. 2011): $229.00

ETF per phone: $200

Total Cost Per Phone: $449.00

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    T mobile does not want you to root phone. This wiil void warranty if you brick it, oh well. Read my post on best app tools to download. Go to play store and download a unlocker.

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    Actually I need to correct my first statement slightly. I paid $279.99 per phone and did get a $50 rebate back, so it's really like $229.99 per phone initially. Then since I canceled the contract early (due to poor network coverage) I'll be hit with a $200 per phone ETF. At the end of the day that $429.99 per phone! Plus they still got a year out of me for $140 per month/12months ($1680).

    Also, I found out the second phone was submitted with the same IMEI number as the first phone, hence the same code for both phones. Obviously this will not work, yet the folks at the unlock group cannot seem to grasp that concept and state I was already given a code for that second phone. This generates an auto response email from a donotreply@domain from T-mobile, stating I was denied another unlock code since I already received a code for that phone. The final statement reads I need to wait 90 days. I did find a fax number for the unlock group and thought I would share this with others 813-353-6557.

    I appreciate Jim's response, but the rooting/unrooting is completely different from unlocking. Unlock only allows you to use other sim cards/other providers. Since this is a world phone, one could travel overseas and use this phone. That is not an uncommon request for business class individuals. So unlocking a phone or phones should not be such an ordeal. I have never stated any intention to root my phone or otherwise, simply to use the phones I have paid for!

               ****unlocking a phone doesn’t void the warranty/only rooting will void the warranty ****

    I see this posting is getting some views. I hope a few work are from T-mobile so they can understand that customer service should be priority one, then network improvements. I plan to initiate discussions on this topic to my Twitter/Facebook account to see if others have been having these type of issues too.

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    That's strange.


    I'm going to make an assumption you still have service on your two lines with T-Mobile and assume they're current and meet the rest of the rules?  And I'm going to assume it's a family plan.


    Provided you have a family plan and you've only requested ONE unlock code, you SHOULD be able to get the other without a problem.


    If you're individual accounts, you'll need to request the unlock code for your wife's phone under her account.


    I would suggest contacting tmo_adam_c or tmo_jessicab to see if they can look into the account to see what's going on.  Make sure you provide the IMEI number of your wife's phone and if everything is gravy (as it sounds to me it should be), they can get you an unlock code.

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    Thanks smplyunprdctble!



    I actually thought it would be simple too, having service with T-Mobile for so long I've never done the whole porting thing.


    Actually it was the family plan and when I started this process on September 26th I thought it might take 2-3 days to convert. I rolled to a new carrier yesterday since my monthly service plan was getting ready to roll into another month. I really didn't want to pay a month of service with two providers. At this point, I'm already converted over to another carrier on both phones. One works (my phone...ha-ha), but the wife’s phone is the one stuck in a loop. From what I gathered her phone number was submitted with my IMEI number, instead of her actual IMEI number. So I guess that’s why the email responses stated I already had a code. Anyhow, most of the Customer Representatives have tried being helpful, the problem appears to be how they interact with the unlocking group. That group only receives emails, IM’s, or faxes and appears to be the source of the problem.


    How do I reach tmo_adam_c or tmo_jessicab? I’m a newb at this posting thing, but just felt the need to vent.

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    Go back up to the main forum page and find a post with them and pull up their profile.  When you see their profile, you can send a Private Message.


    Here, let me make it easier



    http://support.t-mobile.com/people/tmo_adam_c (apparently I'm getting these two Adams mixed up.  You may want M over C since M has more posts in the forum I was thinking -- Yo -- Adams -- I'm not saying y'all look alike )


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    I sent tmo_jessicab a message first and will wait a bit before contacting adam.


    Thanks again for the contacts, maybe I can get out of the doghouse before the weekend...lol.

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    Well nothing!


    Still haven't heard from anyone today from T-Mobile. I've been calling, emailing, and faxing trying to get this resolved. Glad I've got all this documented cause they sure are quick in wanting your money and slow on service.

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    Aren't there other ways to unlock a phone without T-Mobile? I think there are websites that will get your phone unlocked. I've never used one, just read mentions of them. You may want to do some Google searching.

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    Yea, I've done that already. First off most charge something to give you the unlock code, then if you root the phone you can install apps that allow you to brute force attach the phone to extract the PIN/code. Either way I do not want to root my phone since that voids the warranty. Also, why should I pay for something that I am entitled to per our service agreement? I know when it comes time to collect money from me you won't settle for less money, so why should I expect less service?


    Please note I'm branching out my story via my Facebook account and will soon have a link to my our web page expressing the lack of support! I hope my story can reach your new CEO so he can see why long term customers are living.

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    I hope my story can reach your new CEO so he can see why long term customers are leaving.



    I'm sure it's not the only miss spelling, but I'm sure most reading this get the point.

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    Wow, another day without an unlock code from T-Mobile. Nothing like having a $429 brick!



    Hello T-Mobile,


    I hope not providing me the unlock code for my second phone was worth it! I've had enough of your empty promises, crappy service, poor work speeds, and small coverage areas! I will NEVER use T-Mobile service branded under any name, EVER!. I have now also made it a personal goal in life now to tell others about the true face of T-Mobile.


    You know what's funny?


    I actually feel sorry for you people.


    Really I do, it's so obvious now. In the past T-Mobile was innovative with core values around service, now you just kind of existing. You trail all others and have lost the people that once helped make you great. I'm sure it's not only the customers, but I BET the great employees have also left! The employees that believed in the future of T-Mobile and actually cared for the customer. Yes, it is sad!



    Oh, and whatever it costs me to unlock my phone will be deducted from my final payment to you. Otherwise we shall see each other in arbitration.

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    I bet thats how T-mobile customer service is fading away! I don't think tmbile still can say number one in customer service. I have experiencing bad customer service for last 2 years. I was paying insurance coverage for the phone which i lost and bought another phone out of ebay which was not unlocked but it was tmobile. First i was told that my coverage covers but later when i had to get another phone then i was told not coverred . Any way I am just wondering if I can get my blackberry unlocked from the company itself instead of tmobile because I have wait for 18 months to unlock my z10.

    I am under transition thinking which carrier should i get if i leave tmobile. I hope till then tmobile will mover in fast pace to correct and upgrade in customer service.

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    If u lost a phone w insurance coverage assurion will replace the phone for a fee

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    I had no problem getting the unlock code (for one phone.) But, they really didn't give me near the deal they did you for my upgrade to the s2. I paid over $400 for the upgrade and had to renew a 2 year contract. So, at least they treated you better on the upgrades.