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    4G/internet not working


      My Samsung Galaxy 4G (SGH-T959V, Android 2.2.1 T959VUVKD1) has suddenly stopped connecting to the 4G (even 2G or 3G) network. The 4G icon (that appears next to network signal icon) with the up and down arrows is gone. Upon hitting any webpage the browser displays a 'Web page not available' error. But home Wi-fi mode works fine.  Also call features are just fine.



      I had a series of trouble shooting sessions with T-mobile support and nothing did work. Even the master reset option was performed twice. In store I tried switching the SIM card which also did not work. But if I switched my SIM to another phone, it works there. All other basic network settings (http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-2742) are correct.


      Manufacturer warranty expired a couple months ago . Hence replacement option is not possible.


      Please let me know if anyone has faced this situation before and how to get this fixed.



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          I'M Having The Same Problem

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            Installed an app to view android logs and found the below entries. Any inference?


            10-04 19:37:44.313 D/GpsLocationProvider(2476)updateNetworkState unavailable info: NetworkInfo: type: mobile[UNKNOWN], state: DISCONNECTED/DISCONNECTED, reason: gprsDetached, extra: epc.tmobile.com, roaming: false, failover: false, isAvailable: true

            10-04 19:37:44.368 D/SyncService(4921)onReceive: android.net.conn.CONNECTIVITY_CHANGE

            10-04 19:37:44.387 D/SyncService(4921)START_SERVER

            10-04 19:37:44.454 I/DBG_WSS_DM(4906)[DMService.java Line:456] notifyListeners ----------- SMLMSG_DM_SYNCML_INIT Service state ok

            10-04 19:37:44.465 D/NetworkLocationProvider(2476)onDataConnectionStateChanged 1

            10-04 19:37:44.512 D/ServiceUtil(4921)WiFi not connected...

            10-04 19:37:44.512 D/SyncService(4921)stopping sync server.

            10-04 19:37:44.512 D/SyncService(4921)stopping sync server

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              I'm having the same problem too, whats the problem Tmobile?

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                Mine would stop working about every 3 days and I would have to turn the power off and back on to reset it. Also if you have wi-fi calling turned on it can cause problems so make sure that is off.  Then, you can use the OpenSignalMaps and Network Signal Info apps to see what kind of towers are around you and what you are connected to.

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                  I just got this phone a little over a week ago and I am having the same problem. It is really annoying!!

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                    Please ask for a replacement phone or if possible switch to another provider. I am still with no intenet on my phone. T-mobile customer/technical support is useless.

                    Not sure if there is any forum where a formal complaint can be made.

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                      txbaseballmom03 and girinivas, where are you located?  Did you check to see if there are any towers near you providing service?  Check OpenSignal dot com or run the OpenSignalMaps app on your phone to see if there are any towers in your area. You will need to be within about 1/2 mile of the tower to get service. Also they need to be 3G and 4G towers, 2G service will only let you use voice and text, no data.  It won't do any good to complain if there is no service in your area. Don't forget that you can always use the phone on Wi-Fi though. You can stop at a McDonalds if there is nothing else available.

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                        The phone was working for around 1 year since I signed the contract. Suddenly stopped working one day. Now when I call the customer service they are mentioning about some network issues. This has been the same answer I am getting to hear for the past few months. I have been patient with them for enough. They have no idea of when the service will be restored.


                        If I have to browse with Wi-Fi or at Mc Donalds, why should be paying for data service with T-mobile and be locked with them for 2 years. The contract is both ways. That I should be their customer for 2 years and they should provide me with all services. It cannot be just one-way.

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                          In case you haven't heard they are moving all their 3G service from 1700Mhz to the more commonly used 1900Mhz band so iPhones will work.  They must have moved yours off 1700 but not got the new one going yet which is why I said to check the towers around you.

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                            I installed open signal maps on my phone. Below is what I found:

                            Overview shows Signal Strength: 28%,  Network: T-Mobile, Cell-connection: UMTS, Type: GSM, Strength: -101 dBM, 6asu.


                            When I look in the settings menu:  About phone > Status, below are the details.


                            Service state: In service

                            Mobile network state: Disconnected


                            Any clues from the above?

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                              Well, UMTS is 3G and can give speeds of from 384kbps to 6Mb but -101 is pretty weak. Are you only getting 1-2 bars?  If you go to a location with a stronger signal such as up on the roof, will it connect?  At such a weak signal level it can take several minutes so be patient and make sure you have wifi calling disabled.

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                                Signal bars are 1-2 for voice. But there are none for data. 4g/E symbol is not there at all.

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                                  That's what I get indoors. To get any data I have to go outside and hold the phone up as high as I can get it. All the 3G towers are nearly a mile from me and the only 4G tower in the area is 2 miles away so I'd have to drive over there to use it.  You should be getting the E symbol if you have voice though since that uses Edge.

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                                    They must have just put up a new tower near me because when I turned on the phone yesterday I was getting 4 bars with 4G!  I tried to use OpenSignalMaps to find out were the new tower is and it shows one just a couple of blocks away that wasn't there before but couldn't give the exact location. Also it's on 1900Mhz band 2 which is what they are switching the older 3G service on 1700Mhz over too. You might have to change the settings in your phone to get it when it comes to your area though.

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