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    My phone won't turn on..

      It gets stuck on the "stick together" screen and just keeps repeating the sound and animation.
      I have only had the phone for 36 hours and I haven't downloaded any apps yet. I have used the internet but nothing major, just Facebook.

      It was working fine until it started saying, "browser not working. force close?" I said yes and gave it a few minutes and since it still wasn't working, I turned it off and put it on the charger. When I checked back up on it, it was done charging so I turned it on and it started doing the previously stated issue.



      What do I do to fix it? Do I have to restore to factory settings? If I do that, will my number and plan stay on the phone?

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          Hi al..you can try booting the phone into recovery by holding volume down and power keys while the phone turns on. Hold them down till you see a screen with an android and a ! in a triangle. This is bootloader mode. Press home key to bring up the menu. volume up/down keys to move to an option, menu key to select it. You can reboot, install from sd, factory reset or wipe cache. Try wiping the cache then reboot.

          And yes, your number and plan are ok because they are on the sim card not the phone.

          Hope this helps.