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My Phone Won't Ring


I have been into the T store for help, but my phone still is not ringing when a call comes thru, so people either hang up or have to leave a message.  I have reset in the settings for sound, but all that comes thru is something that sounds like an alarm, yet I have never set an alarm.  All I want this phone to do is ring when a call comes to me.   I have read the manual and don't see where to make a change in the settings.  Can someone help me, the sales person has not been helpful in that area.   PLUS, I was on  5 GB in August, but went in before my next billing cycle and asked Taylor to change it back to 2 GB...apparently he did NOT do this, so I have another 5 GB charge for September.  Now on 10-9 I will call support and have them chg it back to 2 GB....I just use the phone to talk, text, and use some data.   The extra $15 is a real pain in my arse!

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    Setting ringtones: menu>settings>sound>Phone ringtone.


    However, you may have set individual or group ringtones (in your case you may have inadvertently set these to silent or a nearly silent alarm sound); open the contact and check to see if you set a specific ringtone for that contact.

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    thanks Sweetpeach, but I have not set any contacts with a ringtone.  The ringtone is not the problem, it is that the phone just does not ring when anyone calls me.  If I go into settings---sound--silent mode and click OFF I get what sounds like an alarm within the next hour....not immediately though.  So you can be in line at the grocery store and suddenly this horrid sound erupts....I have to go to settings---sound---and click vibrate to get the sound to quit.   I know the phone worked fine before I did the upgrade, since then, this sound has overtaken the regular ringtone.

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    Go to Settings>Sound Press volume:adjust based on your preference, click OK           

                                     Vibration Intensity: adjust, click OK           

                                    Silent Mode: press off           

                                    Phone Ringtone:choose android system>choose your preferred ringtong, click OK

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    Go to Settings>Call>Call Answering/Ending 

                                  Option: Answering Key                                         

                                             Automatic Answering                                       

                                            The power Key ends calls



    Go to Settings>scroll down>Call Alert : Answer vibration: uncheck

                                                               Call Status tone: choose your preference

                                                              Alerts on call: check it

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    Sorry Colt149.....still makes this awful noise.....

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    Press home for 2-3 seconds until the task manager appear together with all the running apps. Check individually if you accidentally set up an apps with notification alarm. To stop those apps, just swipe left to right.


    Do a soft reset>turn off the phone>pull out the battery for a minute, put it back then turn it on.

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    sorry colt149....still not working right.  will go see the salesman again tomorrow with my hubby, he bought me this darn phone, so he needs to be there to help me get it to do what it originally did.  maybe the store can do a quick update on it with Kies.  we had to reboot  as first entry on our computer was bugged, so deleted Kies and reloaded.  But since we did the upgrade, it has not worked as it did originally.

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    Read this with open eyes and mind http://support.t-mobile.com/thread/28370?start=0&tstart=0


    You need to disable some of the apps that comes with ICS

    Stock TWL of Samsung is not compatible to ICS,instead use Apex launcher or Nova Launcher you will see the difference

    Use a Sandisk Ultramicrosd card 32/64gb Class 6 not Class 10. Just format it to the phone prior to use.